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The voltage in speaker wire is too small to cause harm. Plug the two wires in. If the speakers work the wires are correct. If the speaker doesn't work try them the other way.

ANSWER voltage does not cause harm no matter how high. amperage is what causes harm. speakers will work like a light bulb either way. positive to negative or negative to positive. with sub-woofer you can tell if it is right, the sub should pull inward on deep base . I believe cavalier rear speakers are hooked in series positive in one speaker, negative of that speaker to positive of the other speaker, and neg of that speaker back to stereo

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 20:06:58
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Q: What are the colors for positive and negative on the speakers of a 1995 Cavalier?
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I need to know what each wire does on a factory radio on a 1999 Jeep Cherokee?

i'm not to sure about what colors they are but you have a power, ground, ignition, power antenna(if available), right front positive and negative, left front positive and negative, right rear positive and negative, left rear positive and negative, illumination, memory and that's about it to find out colors you'll need to go on and they will tell you what colors do what

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How do you connect the speaker wires in a car?

The new speakers come with un-stripped copper wires..... you need a pair of wire strippers.... i put in kenwood speakers and the size of the wire was 14 somethin. you would need to get a wire diagram for you car/truck to see the colors of the positive and negative wires. then look on the aftermarket speaker box to see which wire is negative and which one is positive.... After you would do all this, just match up negative to negative and positive to positive. simple as that. I'd recommend wire nutting the wires or electrical taping them... but DO NOT put all four wires together. that will mess your speakers' sound up completely. wire nut the positives together and then wire nut the negatives together.

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typically, you get red and black, or black and white. black is negative 99% of the time. red or white would then be your positive or power. with speakers, if you hook it up backwards, it won't blow the speaker, but the sub will hit in instead of out which sounds awful

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The car stereo wiring colors for a 1988 Cadillac El Dorado with Bose are gray for right front speaker positive. Light green for right front speaker negative. Dark green for audio rear speaker positive and brown for rear speaker negative.

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Each speaker has different colors from every other speaker. Which speaker do you need? Each speaker has different colors from every other speaker. Which speaker do you need?

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