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You can go to this site You got all brand of vehicules and all the years... It was accurate for my 1989 Honda Civic SI. Have a nice day!!! JMoney69

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Q: What are the colors of 1988 Honda Civic stereo wires?
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How do you replace the spark plug wires on a 2002 Honda Civic?

The 2002 Honda Civic EX engine uses coil-on-plug. There are no sparkplug wires.

Will Honda Accord spark plug wires work in a Honda Civic?

yes they will

A complete wiring diagram for 1994 Honda Civic is?

what are the wires to power up the ecu on a 1994 Honda civic si

What are the rear right and rear left positive and negative speaker wire colors for a 2008 civic?

The red wire and terminal on a 2008 Honda Civic are the positive wires for the battery. The black wires and terminal is the negative battery cable.

What are the 1998 Honda civic ex tail light wires called?

Tail light wires.

What are car stereo wiring colors for Nissan Pathfiner 1990?

there are a number of stereo wires but if you are installing a new stereo, it is worth buying the installation comes with a harness that will match all wires.

What is the distributor wiring route for spark plug wires in a 96 Honda civic dx?

The distributor wiring order for a 1996 Honda Civic is 1-3-4-2. The distributor will be have the wires in the clockwise position starting a 1.

Wiring for power side mirror on Honda civic?

The power mirror, on your Honda Civic, has three wires. There is a red hot wire, a black ground wire, and a white auxiliary wire.

Is there a diagram for the headlight wires in a Honda civic?

Yes. Get a motor manual that comes with an electrical diagram for that car.

Where is the antenna located on a 2002 Honda Civic 4 dr?

Are you talking about the internal one or the external? The external should be above the diver door and the internal should be behind your stereo its black and alot thicker than the other wires

How do I install a new car stereo in my Honda Civic?

To install a new car stereo in your Honda Civic you will need to have an aftermarket stereo kit specific to the year and model of your car, wirestrippers, screw driver that fits the screws in your dash/old stereo/new stereo, and black electrical tape. First you will remove the dash (which can be more difficult in newer models due to hidden screws) and then the old stereo making sure you disconnect it from the wiring harness. Next put the face on the new stereo and strip the wires on both the old and new wiring harnesses 1/2" from the end. Twist like colored wires together (yellow and red first) and wrap with the black electrical tape. Attach the new wiring harness to the back of the new stereo and push the harness all of the way into the lower portion of the dash. Insert the stereo, screw it in and replace the dashboard cover.

What are clarion car stereo colours?

It may be related to the colors of the wires for color coordination when installing the Clarion deck.

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