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I think red and white.

it is actually mostly blue and white with gold letter that say United States of America across both the left and the right sides of the aircraft.

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Who makes the plane air force one?

The current Air Force One is a Boeing 747-200.

Which prestident flies on the air force one?

The U.S. President. Any plane on which he is a passenger is Air Force One.

Who uses the air force One plane?

The call-sign of Air Force One is reserved for any Air Force vehicles currently holding the President of the United States.

What is the name of the presidential plane?

The plane used to transport the President is always called Air Force One, irrespective of which particular plane he's in. It is generally a Boeing 747-200 modified with special equipment such in-flight refueling. To be more technical, it is Air Force One if he is on an Air Force Plane, Marine One when he is on the helicopter, or Navy One if he is on a Navy plane. The "one" gives the aircraft priority in aviation hierarchy (the smaller the number, the higher the priority).

What is the US president's plane called?

The plane is called Air Force One. It is actually more than one plane.They are Boeing 747-400s .

What is the name of the plane the president of US uses officially?

Air Force One is its name. It is actually more than one plane.

What is the president's airplane called?

Air Force One is the Presidents airplane. It is actually more than one plane that the air force keeps ready for the President's use.

What type of plane is air force one at the Reagan library?

The plane that Reagan used is a Boeing 707 (passenger aircraft) , refitted for special use. It has the air force designation of VC-137 and called SAM 27000 as a presidential plane.

What is the name and type of the airplane that the US president uses?

The name of the US President's airplane is Air Force One. The current plane is a modified Boeing 747-200 designated by the Air Force as a VC-25A. Technically any plane is which the US President flies is temporarily designated Air Force One.

What is the name of the presidents airplane?

The name of the president's air plane is Air Force One. There are actually several planes used by the President, but the one actually in use at any given time is designated as Air Force One.

What type of plane does the president fly in?

The President of the USA, flies in a personal jet plane, just for him, known as "Air Force One"

Does pres. bush get to keep air force one?

No. Air force one is only for the current US President. However, after the inauguration of Obama, the air plane that usually acts as air force one does offer to transport Bush to whatever he's home destination is one last time.

Who invented air force one the plane?

the answer is the person to give the idea is J.F.K in 1962 when he flew in his own air craft.

What airplane weighs one ton?

air force one that would be a light plane like a cessna or piper

What is Barack Obama's plane called?

Any plane that the current U. S. President is on is called Air Force One while he/she is aboard.

Who rides air force one?

Air Force One is any US Air Force Vehicle currently and publicly carrying the President of the United States. It is only called Air Force One when the president is on board. However, for security reasons, if the President does not want it to be public knowledge of his travels, the plane may be called something else.

How many planes are designated Air Force One in the United States?

"Air Force One" is a designation not the name of the plane. There is only one Air Force One and is what ever aircraft the president is on at the time. When he is on a helicopter, it's "Marine One" There are two aircraft dedicated for the president to use and they are kept at Andrews AFB just for his use. But the designation "Air Force One" is the current aircraft that he is on at any given time.

When was Air Force one made?

There have been multiple Air Force Ones made for different presidents, but the first one was made in between 1938 and 1941 for Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was the first president to fly in an aircraft. This plane is on display at the Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio, and you are allowed to walk through it, and even look at the little elevator they used to get him in and out of the plane in his wheelchair.

Is air force one the fastest plane?

air force one is the designation given to any plane the president is on. If you mean the usual plane, it is a converted Boeing 767. The plane that holds most records for speed and time\travel is known as the SR71 Blackbird. Actually the president's usual plane is a converted Boeing 747 called a VC-25, and the SR71 Blackbird is the fasted air breathing plane, so there are other unmanned rocket powered planes that can go much faster and much higher

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