What are the common ailments of the heart?


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Heart failure, chest pains, and weakening of heart tissue are all common heart problems.


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heart attack, atherosclerosis and heart failure.

The common ailments of circulatory system are: 1:hypertension 2:anemia 3:heart failure 4:homophilia 5:luekemia

one of the common ailments of the blood is: anemia- there's a decrease number of hemoglabin due to iron deficiency.symthomps- pounding of heart, short breath

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Heart Attack, Rheumatic Heart Disease, Coronary Heart Disease, Arterial Elasticity, Anemia, Leukemia, Hypertension or High Blood Pressure

The common ailments of the circulatory system are: 1.Congenital heart disease 2.Rheumatic heart disease 3.Heart attack 4.Palpitation 5.High pressure or hypertension 6.Stroke 7.Leukemia 8.Anemia 9.Hemophillia 10.Thormbosis

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There are many ailments of the heart. One ailment could be that the mitral valve doesn't function. A person could also have blocked arteries or their heart might be too small.

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one of the heart diseases are congenital heart disease or commomnly known as blue baby syndrome,angina pectoris ,heart failure and last but not the least the coronary thrombosis or commonly known as the ' heart attack '

Heart attack, Hypertension, .coronary Thrombosis,. anemia aneurism arteriosclerosis Burger's Disease ,

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