What are the component of health related fitness?


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cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength, and flexibility.

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It's a health related fitness component.

Skill is a particular motor pattern is one component of many in health-increasing fitness.

what is health related fitness

Health-related fitness is to health as skill-related fitness is to skill.

THE ANSWER OF health related fitness important?ARE GIVE A FIVE PESOS DO YOU NO ME

It is a health-related component of physical fitness that relates to ability of the circulatory and respiratory systems to supply oxygen during sustained physical activity.

ang health related fitness at skill related fitness ay pampapayat ng katawan ng lola mo kaya gawin nyo na

Health-Related fitness and Skill-Related Fitness

Health Related Fitness is the particular exercise and activity that contains the body builder

Health related fitness is important to every family control health.. And to keep our body healthy...

the knowledge on health related fitness is contributes the family health and fitness.they also the family is management the own health and they taking care of much because they have a knowledge....

the impotance of health related fitness is, it is important concern of the family because when the fitness of one menber on the family is not good for his/her health and may be the cause of diseases of the person. THAT'S ALL THANK YOU......

Physical fitness is divided as Health related & Skill relatedHealth-related: Associated with disease prevention and functional health. Health-related fitness helps you control your weight, prevents diseases and illness, improves your mood, boosts energy, and promotes better sleep.It can be categorized as cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition.Skill-related: The ability to perform in sports and technically be acing fitness. More kind of performance fitness relying more on agility, coordination, balance, power, speed & time.As health-related Fitness affects the normal health of an individual, it is the top priority followed by skill related fitness.Skill related fitness is necessary for Athletes, sportsperson, or any physique related profession. But for a normal adult Health related fitness can suffice to individual well-being.

The components of health-related fitness are:1. Cardiovascular Endurance2. Muscular Strength3. Muscular Endurance4. Flexibility5. Body CompositionEach one is important to health-related fitness.Please visit the Related Link for more information.

Skill and health related components of fitnessHere are 6 skill related components of physical fitness:speedagilitypowercoordinationbalancereaction timeHere are five health related components of physical fitness:muscular endurancestrengthflexibilitybody compositioncardiovascular fitness

you test the components of fitness in your body. They fall under two categories: Health Related Fitness (HRF) and Skill Related Fitness (SRF)

H.r.f stand for Health Related Fitness, S.r.f stands for Skills Related Fitness.

The different components of physical fitness are physiological, health related, and skill related. The health related components are body composition, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscular strength, and muscular endurance.

If you're referring to 'Health Related fitness', the components are: Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Body Composition, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance and Flexibility.Training principles will depend entirely on one's physical condition and objectives within the realm of Health Related Fitness. There is no one-size-fits-all program, however, one will need to pay due attention to all 5 components and incorporate each one into his/her training regimen.Although the above-mentioned components are normally assessed individually, they should be viewed integrally when considering a certain 'level' of Health Related Fitness, even if each component is intended to contribute equally to to Health Related Fitness as a whole.

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