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What are the components of a complete inorganic fertilizer?

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What is inorganic fertilizer?

Urea is an inorganic fertilizer

Organic and inorganic fertilizer?

Compost is organic and Calcium ammonium nitrate is inorganic fertilizer.

What the 2 kinds of fertilizer?

organic and inorganic fertilizer

What is better organic or inorganic fertilizers?

organic fertilizer is better than inorganic. They are both very effective and inorganic fertilizer is cheaper but inorganic will damage your fertilizer. If you want to change fertilizer from inorganic to organic you must change the soil. Organic fertilizer is also safer around pets. --------------------- Organic fertilizer is only a source of nitrogen; chemical manmade fertilizers can offer nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous and other microelements. These fertilizers are stable and can be easily transported at long distances. Natural fertilizers are insufficient for all the world.

Do plants grow best in chemical fertilizer organic fertilizer or no fertilizer?

A mixture of organic and inorganic fertilizers is recommended.

What are the organic and inorganic components of glass?

glass is inorganic

Is artificial fertilizer organic or inorganic?

could be both depending on the chemicals used to prepare the fertilizer

Is fertilizer organic or inorganic?

Fertilizer can be either. It it is synthetic (man made), it is inorganic. Organic growers use orgnaic fertilizers, compost, etc. to enhance nutrients in the soil.

What does inorganic manure mean?

Fertilizer that is produced synthetically is what inorganic manure means. Exudates refer to plant wastes while manure references animal wastes or laboratory-produced fertilizer.

Differentiate organic from inorganic components?

Basically, organic compounds have carbon. Inorganic do not.

Does organic or inorganic fertilizer work best?

Organic fertilizers normally last in the soil longer than inorganic ones.

How Many Kinds of Fertilizers Do You Know?

There are about seven kinds of fertilizers:Organic Fertilizer,Inorganic Fertilizer,Nitrogen-Based Fertilizer, Phosphorus-Based,Fertilizer,Potassium-Based Fertilizer, Liquid Fertilizers and Solid Fertilizers. Whirlston fertilizer machines can make most of them.

What is artifical fertilizer?

Artificial fertilizer is composed of partly or wholly synthetic ingredients that originate from inorganic compounds produced from chemical processes.

What is the best fertilizer for an avocado tree?

A balanced complete fertilizer is the best fertilizer for avocado trees (Persea spp).Specifically, avocado trees benefit from equal intakes of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. They therefore favor balanced complete fertilizer. A complete fertilizer has all three of the macronutrients nitrogen, phosophorus and potassium. A complete fertilizer is balanced when the percentage weights of the macronutrient ingredients are equal, such as in 10-10-10 fertilizer.

How does inorganic fertilizer work?

It adds chemicals to the soil like nitrogen and potassium

How do organic fertilizers differ from organic fertilizers?

Organic fertilizer is a natural based fertilizer used to help plants grow. They have organic (carbon based) materials present in it. Inorganic fertilizers are man made generally and have inorganic materials in it.

What fertilizer do you use for a satsuma tree?

A specialty fertilizer is the fertilizer that is used for satsuma trees (Citrus unshiu).Specifically, satsumas are citrus trees. They therefore benefit from fertilizers especially designed for citrus trees. Otherwise, they can handle either inorganic or organic fertilizers. In terms of inorganic, they favor a yearly application of a balanced fertilizer of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and of a turf fertilizer of boron, copper, magnesium and zinc.

Which fertilizer forms the components of urea oil cakes fish manure and blood meal?

organic nitrogen fertilizer

What are the components of the ecosphere?

The components of the ecosphere are biological and inorganic. These components are the atmosphere or air, biosphere or life, geosphere or rocks and hydrosphere or water.

Where can you buy inorganic fertilizers and what are they called?

First lets define the word inorganic fertilizer. According to Web Definitions: Manufactured fertilizer from raw materials such as natural gas and phosphate rock, which is much more concentrated than organic fertilizer. The one source that comes to my mind is which will lead you to great references.

How does osmocote help plants grow?

Osmocote is an inorganic fertilizer that has all the major benefits of an organic fertilizer. The release of the osmocote will increase as plant growth increases.

Example of inorganic fertilizer?

npk and organic are cow dung,fowl dung rhino dung

Is fertilizer a plant mineral?

Yes, fertilizer is a plant mineral.Specifically, fertilizer contains minerals. The minerals derive from plants when the fertilizers are considered organic. They derive from artificial, chemical or synthetic ingredients when the fertilizers are considered inorganic.

What has the author John Eldon Gieseking written?

John Eldon Gieseking has written: 'Inorganic components (His Soil components)'

What are the inorganic components of cell?

Ca,Mg,Mn ions may be...