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What are the components of euric acid?

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2009-07-27 11:24:57

I don't think there is such a thing as EURIC acid. I believe the

word is a misspelling of one of two distinct substances: URIC acid

= C5H4N4O3 - a final product of purine breakdown in the body.

precursors found in nucleobases of nucleic acids (DNA & RNA).

Highly toxic to cells. Excreted in the urine. High concentrations

in the body can lead to Gout. ERUCIC (E-R-U-C-I-C) acid = C22H42O2

- very long chain fatty acid responsible for causing symptoms in

the genetic disorder known as ADRENOLEUKODYSTROPHY (ALD). The fatty

acid molecule has a 26 carbon base, is very difficult to synthesis

, and can be found naturally in rapeseed oil. See Movie "Lorenzo's

Oil" was very good nn. What would we do without Google and


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