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What are the two elements for a candle?

The two components of a candle are wax and a wick. The elemental composition of both components can vary greatly. I'm going to take this literaly. Wax + wick

What is wax Made from marijuana?

This wax is called a dab and what it is is a ball maybe the size of a pebble of pure THC and other components.

Where is the wax formed in a ear?

Ear wax is a normal product of the ear which protects the skin of the ear from water and infection. Ear wax is formed from wax glands in the external ear canal as well as other components such as dead skin, sweat, and oil.

How do you make candle lantern on rune scape?

you need bee wax and some other components. Bee wax have to be obtained from the hives, and you need a lantern frame.

Is wax a heterogeneous or homogeneous mix?

It is a homogeneous mixture, as all of its components are soluble in each other

What are the physical and chemical changes in burning a candle?

Physical changes: - most of the wax melts (becomes liquid) and then resolidifies - some of the wax components vaporize (evaporate) Chemical changes - oxidation of the wick and volatile compounds from the wax (what actually burns) - thermal decomposition of some of the heated wax

What are the components of ipil-ipil leaves that it can be as a alternative floor wax?

The ipil-ipil leaves are high in protein, and when they are juiced or squeezed into a pulp the protein can be added to paraffin wax for use on floors. Studies have shown that a floor wax made with the juice from ipil-ipil leaves is comparable to a commercial wax.

What kind of chemicals are contained in chewing gum?

The important components are: resins, wax, elastomer, sweetener, color, flavors, softener.

What are apples waxed with?

Here is a list of some of the possibilities: Bees wax Spermaceti wax Shellac wax Chinese insect wax Carnauba wax Candelilla wax Sugarcane wax Palm wax Esparto wax Ozocerite Montan wax

Why is it that wax paper does not get wet when you sprinkle water on it?

Wax paper has wax on it and wax is waterproof

The uses of alkanes?

Alkanes have many uses. They can be used to make polymers, propane, paraffin wax, and as components and immediates in gasoline, methane, and pesticide and drug synthesis.

What is the plural of wax?

The plural for wax is still wax.

Do wax beans have wax in them?

No not in them but the have a wax substance on the outside of them

Why gaseous form of wax is called vapour wax not gaseous wax?

It is because wax changes from solid to liquid and wax cannot be in gaseous form. That's why we say, 'wax vapour' instead of 'gaseous wax'.

How can you get wax off your tile floor?

not candle wax but the wax that you can put wax warmer it was spilled

What is skateboard wax made of?

Wax, You can use candle wax.

What is in wax paper?

Wax paper is paper coated with wax.

What is the Different between dental floss with wax and without wax?

If you are allergic to wax don't get the wax kind.

Are there any alternatives to using paraffin wax in wax bath treatments?

Coconut wax or Hemp wax

What is golf wax?

Golf wax is the name of a brand of paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is usually used for making candles, or for therapeutic wax for the skin.

Why melting of wax is difference than burning of wax?

Melting wax will leave a liquid wax in the container. Burning wax (candle, for example) will mean that there will not be any wax left in the container. The wax has been used up in producing light.

What is candle wax made from?

candle wax is made from parrafin wax

Is wax organic?

Wax can be either organic or inorganic. Bees wax is organic, furniture wax may be inorganic.

What is solvent wax?

Solvent wax refers to solvents that remove wax. The solvent is able to dissolve, or get rid of, the wax.

Can you eat the bottles of wax candy?

you can.. but why would you want to eat wax ?

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