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What are the compound words that has the word office in it?


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A compound word for office is officeholder.

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Office is not a compound word.

Yes, the noun 'box office' is a compound noun, a word made up of two or more words that forms a noun with its own meaning.

The word outstanding is a compound word. The words are out and standing.

No, noticeable is not a compound word. Compound words - words made up f two or more words.

There are no compound words with the word law in it

Morning is a compound word

A one-word compound is one type of compound word. It is a single word made by joining two words together with no space between them.A compound word can be:- one word made from two, or- two or more separate words with spaces in between, or- two or more words joined by hyphens.Here are the three types of compound words:- The closed form, such as notebook or keyboard, joins two or more words together to create a new one-word compound word.- The open form, such as post office or half sister, with spaces between the words, is called a compound word even though it is actually two (or more) separate words.- The hyphenated form, such as six-pack, or son-in-law, has a dash between the words.

No, bookcase is a closed/solid compound word.Closed/solid compound words are two words written as one word. They are not separated by spaces.Example: bookcase, bookworm, ladylike, sunroofAn open compound is two words or more separated by a space.Example: school bus, ice cream, credit card, post office

no, lip gloss is not a compound word. A compound word is two words put together to make one word. These two words do not fit the expectations to be a compound word.

No, unpack is not a compound word because "un" is not a word a compound word is a word that has two words in it.

Compound words for the word fascinated are bewitched and spellbound.

No it is not. Compound words are made up of two words but the word 'damage' is not.

Compound words that use the word 'win' are, winless, and winnable.

The word himself is a compound. The words are him and self.

As it has the words "dead" and "line" in it, it is a compound word.

Thinking is not a compound word. A compound word is made of two words. Think is a word but 'ing' is not a word.

No, winner is not a compound word. A compound word is the result of two words being joined.

Yes the word because is a compound word. The words are be and cause.

Is the word before and the word become compound words. Help!

The word batman is a compound word. The words are bat and man.

Yes the word nobody is a compound word. The words are no and body.

The word toenail is a compound word. The words are toe and nail.

Yes the word herself is a compound word. The words are her and self.

Fallback is a compound word. Falloff and fallout are compound words.

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