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In order for an object to stay at rest it must have a constant velocity of zero. If the velocity increases, then the object will accelerate and will no longer be at rest.

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Q: What are the conditions for an object to stay at rest to keep moving at constant volocity to or more increasing velocity?
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What is volocity?

You find the velocity by distance divide by speed

Can you find volocity if you have wavelength and frequency?

Wavelength = Velocity / Frequency So, Velocity = Wavelength * Frequency

What is escape volocity?

Escape velocity is the speed you would have to go to escape gravity.

What control causes a change in volocity?

A resultant force causes a change in velocity.

Property of a body that resists any change in volocity?

The property of a body that resists a change in velocity is inertia.

Equation for constant volocity?

It depends on what aspect of constant velocity you are talking about. Since the velocity is not changing, one valid equation is: V = [number] At the same time, acceleration is zero, so another equation is: A = 0 If "p" is position and p1 is the original position and p2 is the current position after tine lapse "t," then: p2 = p1 + Vt

What is the difference of an objects speed and an objects volocity?

when you know both speed and direction of an objects motion you know the velocity of an object.

How do you find volocity in math?

Velocity is a vector quantity that refers to the rate at which an object changes its position. v = s / t. The standard unit of velocity magnitude - also known as speed - is the meter per second (m/s).

If flow through a 10 inch pipe is 722gpm what Is the Volocity in feet?

A pipe that is 10 inch would have the velocity of 2.75 feet. This is 2.75 feet with 722 GPM.

What is the meaning of volocity?

It's a "speed" plus a "direction".

What is the volocity of a wave?

the speed the wave travels threw space

How did the lamborghini impact the society?

its changed the world in speed and volocity

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