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Just like the Sahara on earth, only colder on average, and there's not enough atmosphere to keep anything alive.

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What conditions does Mars have?

well mars have seasons.

What is the unique conditions of Mars?

The Conditions on mars are hard and also soft. Wet And dry The answer is:The conditions on Mars are very good because there is evidence of life, also scientists think that there may be more life on mars in the future.

What is the conditions of Mars surface?

The conditions are rocky, and barren.

Is there carrots on Mars?

No, The conditions on Mars does not allow anything to grow.

Does mars have unique conditions?


Would any places on mars can most likely contain life?

yes mostly cause mars axis the almost the same as earths axis. Mars sometimes have weather conditions as well like snow or freezing kind of substances. Also mars have reported that hurriance like weathers were seen.

What are the weather conditions on Mars?

it rains twots...

Environmental conditions on Mars?

hot hot

What are the conditions on Mars for human existence?


What do scientists do on Mars?

There are no scientists on Mars, so asking what they "do" there is kind of pointless. Scientists use robotic probes to study conditions on Mars.

What are the air and water conditions like on Mars?

Both exist there, but the water is trapped in ice, and the air is mostly CO2 and thin.

What are some of the conditions on mars?

high winds, rocky

Why do people agree that there was life on Mars?

Well, Mars's conditions is almost like Earth's. Therefore people agree there was (or is) life on Mars. Wither that, or there are LUNATICS who make people gullible enough to believe in aliens ;)

What is the cliamte of Mars?

mars like.

What animals are on the planet Mars?

No animals currently exist on planet Mars as we know of considering how the conditions there are to harsh to live.

Are they plants on Mars?

No, they not plants on Mars...conditions are not suitable to support life. An underdeveloped atmosphere and no water to support life.

Surface conditions on Mars?

The surface of Mars is dry and sandy. There are craters, volcanoes, covered with a layer of iron oxide (which makes Mars appear red in color).

Explain what life in extreme habitats on earth tells you about the possibility of life on Mars?

Conditions on some parts of Mars are very similar to conditions in extreme environments on earth, where life is found. Since life is found there, there is a possibility it might also be found on Mars.

What does earth have that Venus and mars both lack?

venus and mars don't have gravity as earth and they don't have required conditions to live

What is does Mars looks like?

what do we look in mars

What is the the air like on Mars?

................ there is no air on mars................

What does Mars look like on Mars?

Photos from the surface show Mars to look a lot like an earth desert.

Are there storms or other climatic conditions on mars?

sun and very cold

Why do scientist hypothesize that Mars may once have had the conditions needed for life to exist?

Since life as we know it requires water, scienctists hypothesize that Mars may have once had the conditions needed for life to exist.

Does Mars have oceans like on earth?

No, mars don't have oceans like on earth.

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