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Q: What are the conditions necessary to produce laser light?
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What does a laser produce?

A laser is a device to produce an intense monochromatic beam of coherent light.

What will produce more widely spaced fringes of light when passed through a diffraction grating light from a red laser or green laser?

Light from a red laser!

Why laser beam is narrow straightwhere as light from tube light is blury?

That's one of the properties necessary to consider a source of light as a laser source.The light rays in a laser are manipulated so as to make them coherent.

What is a device that produce coherent light?

The name of the device that produces coherent light is LASER.

Is laser HELP acNE?

Light treatment can improve the conditions of acne

Which device used to produce high level of light energy?

A laser.

What is a laser light with holograph?

a laser light with a holograph is a laser light with holograph.

what conditions are necessary for a seed to sprout?

water, oxygen, temperature and light

What conditions are optimal for plant survival?

The conditions necessary are: light water sun energy carbon dioxide

How were Priestly's and Ingenhousz's discoveries about photosynthesis related?

Priestley's and Ingenhousz's experiments showed that light is necessary for plants to produce oxygen.

What conditions are necessary for two light waves to form an interference pattern of bright lines and dark areas?

State two necessary conditions for formation ofinterference fringes.

Can a laser be made from a light bulb?

No. Laser light is coherent. Light bulb light is not.