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It all depends of the scale of the project Basically the conditions are (not in a specific order): -Having a project carried on with leadership -Analysis of the socio-economical condition of the project (market study) -Getting the project through the political agenda -Having a site(s) which fits the technical conditions (space-wind) -Analysis of the site(s) and environmental impact studies -Getting authorisation from the superior government and exploitation permit -Be sure that the site(s) fits the planning documents -Be sure that the project is fitting the regulation of the site(s) (ex.of environmental law) -If not, tempt a change of zoning or destiny of the site(s) on the political and administrative planning branch -Make this plan approved by superior authotities -Get this plan to public consultation (basic=the impact study) -If the need rise = get on a referendum, justify and make change to the project -Having the funds for the build-up and exploitation of the physical entities ; if publicly funded : submission ; or from private funds well having them Conditions are on the matter of: Law/Planning/Politics and economics/Environmental and social

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Q: What are the conditions supporting the construction of an airport?
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