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One of the conditions that favor the formation of a built-up edge is low cutting speed. The metal being cut should also work-harden and should be reluctant to recover such as alloys like steel.

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What is an edge effect?

edge effect is the different conditions along the boundries of an ecosystem.

Do frogs have lips?

Not in the same respect that we do but they have a formation around the edge of their mouth.

Which is the most responsible for the formation of new crust at the edge of a tectonic plates?

Diverging boundarys.

What phenomenon is most responsible for the formation of newcrust at the edge of a tectonicplate?

Sea floor spreading

Different conditions along the boundaries of an ecosystem are called?

an edge effect

What is responsible for the formation of new crust at the edge of a tectonic plate?

magma rising up from the mantle at a divergent boundary

Is icicles from at the edge of the roof physical or chemical change?

Icicles is solid water (H2O); formation of ice is a physical process.

What is a continental slope?

A continental slope is an underwater formation between the outer edge of a continental shelf and the deep ocean floor.

What is the difference between hot chisels and cold chisels?

Hot Chisels are used for cutting metals in hot conditions. The edge of a hot chisel is 30 degree and hardening of the edge is not necessary. On the other hand cold chisels are used for cutting metals in cold conditions. The edge of a cold chisel is hardened and tempered and has an angle of about 60 degrees.

What phenomenon is most responsible for the formation of new crest at the edge of a tectonic plate?

magma Rising up from the mantle at a divergent boundary

What are sties?

Also known as an external hordeolum, a stye is an infection or small abscess formation within the hair follicle glands on the free edge of the eyelid.

Which is an example of phototropism helping a plant survive its particular environmental conditions?

At the edge of a forest, a tree angles away from the woods.

How is magma formation and movement affected at tectonic plate boundaries?

Plate boundaries are found at the edge of the lithospheric plates and are of ... As the two move apart, mid-ocean ridges are created as magma from the ... As you can imagine, the formation of the new crust on either sideHazel medina

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What can you use a CB2 coupon for?

CB2 is a fun, funky store that is an offshoot of Crate and Barrel. You can use your coupon on their inventory of cutting edge and modern furniture. They favor a minimalist clean look.

What is an edge effect Explain how change in an ecosystem's edges can affect organisms?

Edge effects are different conditions along the boundaries of an ecosystem. Change in an ecosystem's edge can affect an organism because animals from one area might migrate from the area or move to the new edge, thereby bringing species from different ecosystems in contact with one another.Read more: How_change_in_an_ecosystem's_edge_can_affect_organism

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Am I able to use my upgrade plan and get the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with a scratch on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Verizon?

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What has the author Timothy K Kratz written?

Timothy K. Kratz has written: 'A spatial simulation model of lake-edge wetland formation' -- subject(s): Data processing, Wetland ecology

What does edge mean in maths?

edge is the edge of the shape

What is the edge of a polygon?

The edge is this ___ that would be an edge on a shape

What is edge in Samoa?

edge - pito, fa'atausi'usi'u; edge of the knife - mata; edge of the forest - matavao

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What has the author Marcio Bacci Da Silva written?

Marcio Bacci Da Silva has written: 'Lubrication in metal cutting under built-up edge conditions'

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