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Q: What are the consequences if a child decides to runaway from home in Indiana?
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How long do you have to pay child support in Indiana?

In Indiana, you will have to pay child support until your child reaches 18 years of age. If the child decides to go to college full-time, you will have to continue to pay child support until they graduate or drop out of college.

How long does a child have to be gone to be considered a runaway in Indiana?

A child can be reported missing as soon as it is known that they are gone. In many places an amber alert can be issued immediately.

Is there a specific distance from home in the state of Indiana where a child can be considered a runaway if he crosses it?

No. The statute has more to do with your not residing in your parents/guardians home.

Oregon State Runaway laws?

child runaway

What are the consequences of teenagers leaving there parents house?

Unless they have been legally emancipated by the court, they are a runaway - and can be classified a Child In Need of Supervision if it is done continually.

Can a child ask for child support if he ran away from home and he's 17 in the state of texas?

No. The child support goes to the parent who have custody to use to pay for the child. it does not go to the child directly. A runaway has no legal right to run away and if caught by the police they will bring him home. Just because you have not returned home does not mean you are allowed to stay away. If they have reported you as a runaway, anyone who helps you can be charged with helping or harboring a runaway with severe legal consequences.

Can a child move out at 17 in Wisconsin and not be considered a runaway?

No. You are only considered a runaway if your parents do not know where you are.

If a parent tells a child to get out of their house can that parent then call the child in as a runaway?

Well, they can but they would be lying. The parent is kicking them out of the house, the child is not running away; sooner or later the police (if the parent did call the child in as a runaway) would probably figure out the child did not runaway and the child was kicked out. If the parents kicked them out, then why would they call the child in as a missing if they didn't want them?

What are the charges for harboring a runaway child in Iowa?


This person the child of a runaway slave was a football?

charles dre

Will grandparent be harboring a runaway if Abused minor child ran away to grandparents home?

No, but if an abused child decides to go to any home they wont be in much trouble by the authorities; depending on the abuse the parents can be charged, imprisoned, etc. Chances are the child in concern will be moved to a foster home till they turn 18.

At what age in Indiana can a child choose who to live with?

In Indiana it's 14.

How old does a child in Indiana have to be to babysit?

i think you have to be about 12-13 in Indiana

How much jail time for child abuse in Indiana?

How much time for first time child abuse indiana

What does NADCU stand for in Indiana child support?

NADCU has something to do with custodial arrears with regard to Indiana child support.

You are married but you got your girlfriend pregnant what can you do?

* If you are old enough to cheat on your wife then you are old enough to know the consequences when cheating with a 'mistress' (not a girlfriend!) Now you pay the consequences! If you are any kind of a man you will be honest with your wife no matter if she decides to leave you over this and then be prepared to support your unborn child.

Which parent's gamete decides the gender of a child?

The Father's.

Definition of child abandonment in Indiana?

The definition of child abandonment is very clear in Indiana. Any child who is young and left on their own is considered abandoned.

At what age do the police stop considering a child a runaway in Oklahoma?

The age of majority is 18. Until then, the person responsible for them can report them as a runaway.

Can you get custody of your child if owe child support and the mother does not want the child?

Yes you can petition for it. The court decides.

What is the legal age a child can leave their parent in Indiana?

In Indiana the legal age for a child to leave their parents is 18 years.

Can your child be labeled a runaway if they do not tell you where they are going?

A child becomes a runaway when they are missing for over 24 hours. However, if you go to Child Aid and request some help to control your child it would be best for you and your child. There are several good programs children can get into and your child needs some guidance before they get into trouble.

Who was the child of a runaway slave and an all American in football?

Paul Robeson

Do you still have to pay child support in Texas if the child decides to go to college?


How do you gain temporary custody of a runaway child?

By capturing the child. Face it, they won't stay captured for long.