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Q: What are the consequences of running away in North Carolina?
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At what age can you move out of the house without it being considered running away in North Carolina?


How far is Albemarle North Carolina from Charlotte North Carolina?

Charlotte North Carolina Is About 1 Hour Away From Albemarle North Carolina

Consequences for running away in Texas?

Consequences for running away in Texas is you can get put on probation until the age of eighteen and be in the custody of the probation department. You can also be removed from your home.

What is the punishment for runaways in NC?

There is no specific law in the state of North Carolina concerning the runaway situation. There is no record of penalties for running away.

How far away is north Africa from North Carolina?

about1 mile

How many miles away is Shanghai from North Carolina?

7649.4 milesThat's from Shanghai, China to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Why did Carolina break into North Carolina and South Carolina?

in 1701 South Carolina broke away from North Carolina because of an argument between the proprietors and also there were sevral cultural disagreements

How far away is Finland from north Carolina?

a long way

What does Alabama Florida Tennessee South Carolina and North Carolina have in common?

they are all far away(:

How far is North Carolina to South Carolina?

It is only one step away if you are at the state line.

How many miles away is Cincinnati from North Carolina?

about 500 miles

How far away is West Virginia from North Carolina?

about 6 hrs.

How far away in miles is North Carolina from Texas?

1,406 miles.

How far away is France from North Carolina?

6 hour flight

Is it illegal for an 17-year-old to run away in North Carolina?

It is illegal for a 17 year old to run away in North Carolina. You have to be 18 years of age to move out of your parent's home.

Is it legal for a 17-year-old to leave home in North Carolina without legal consequences?

If a 17 year old attempts to move out of the home there can be legal consequences. The minor can be charged as a run away and put in a home for children until 18 years of age.

How far away is fort Sumter from fort Anderson?

all i know is that fort Sumter is in Charleston North Carolina and fort Anderson is in North Carolina.

What age can you move out of your parents house and it not be considered running away in Greenville South Carolina?


What are the consequences you can face at the age of seveteen for running away from home or the consequences your boyfriend of nineteen can face for hiding you?

You will get in trouble if they know where you are but if your bf won't hide you you shouldn't be together

How did North Carolina get its nickname The Tarheel State?

North Carolina solders stood fast in a battle when the solders from other states ran away. After the battle, the North Carolina solders told them "You need to put some tar on your heels." After that, the other solders called the North Carolina solders, "Tar Heels."

Can't get my drivers license because of an unresolved DUI in North Carolina how do I resolve it?

Do the right thing. Go to North Carolina and face the music. Delaying it will not make it go away.

How far away is North Carolina to South Carolina?

like 30mins away....where in the world did you get 30 minutes away? From what point to what point? lol.Anyways, the question is irrelevant as well, since North Carolina touches South Carolina on the border meaning, there is 0 feet between them. How long does it take to get from one state to the other is the same as asking: How long does it take me to walk over a line? ::sigh::

Duke unc are both in North Carolina?

Yes, Duke is located in Durham, NC and the University of North Carolina is located a short 7 miles away in Chapel Hill, NC.

In North Carolina how far away from houses do you have to be to fire a gun?

500 feet from a building or house!

Is California farthest state from North Carolina?

No. Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii are further away.