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Some include radar, computer technology, jet propulsion, medecal advances, rocket technology, weather data collection and reporting, nuclear technology and the list goes on.

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Q: What are the contributions of science and technology to world war 2?
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Which advancement in science and technology during World War 1?

The tank.

What are positive effects of science and technology?

It will give you AIDS and Cause World War 5

How science and technology is being misused?

it can be misused and can cause to diect world war

What were the technology and tactics in World War I?

theres no technology in world war 1 lol :)

What is the name of the book that deals with technology and the Civil War?

The book is Trial by Fire: Science Technology and the Civil War by Charles D.Ross.In Trial by Fire, Charles covers the applications of science and technology in the Civil War. He addresses the applications of existing technology to support combat forces and the applications of new technology to combat.

How did the Cold War contribute to the growth of white-collar jobs after World War 2?

It lead to a focus on science and technology to keep up with the USSR

Why was world war World War 2 called a war of science and technology?

beacuase so many more things were invented in that period of time then in ww1 is this for hw? just wondering!?? hope it helps anyhow!??

What made America a powerful country?

World War II and the vast amount of money in military and science funding for military technology.

What were Arizona's contributions in world war 1?


Did things change after World War 2?

All things changed after World War 2. The world economy was affected, the world population was decreased by 71-72 million people. Technology, science, medicine, military science, space science (new concept) and political issues changed and improved. World peace was accomplished short of the Cold War problems. Atomic age was ushered in. Women's roles changed and improved.

What would be a good concluding paragraph for World War I technology?

that is why technology and tactics had there own purposes in world war 1

World war 1 differed from all previous wars because?

science and technology played a major role in developing new weapons

How can science is as a destroyer?

Science is the study of our surrounding environment and by doing so we human can manipulate the world and even the universe soon. This can prove to be fatal if the moral of humanity is absent and may cause havoc. Here is some illustration to explain why... Human + Old Technology = War Human + New Technology = End of the World ( one of the possibility is because of the invention of nuclear technology which is very destructive is abuse) That why science can be as a destroyer.

What were Woodrow Wilson's contributions after World War 1?


What is the short term effects of the Vietnam War?

Assessment of Military science & technology.

How did the cold war impact science and technology?

The Cold War had a great impact of science and technology by rapidly increasing development. Satellites were quickly deployed by both sides which have since become a major part of daily lives.

What did World War II do for the world?

World War II managed to advance world technology, introducing better planes, neculear power and weapons, and advanced medical sciences. No matter how horrid the war is, science always grows out of it thanks to the need to gain bigger and better weapons. it advanced technology but it also brough an end to hitlers rein and now the Nazis arent very big in the world

How did tank technology in world war 2 differ from those in World War I?

Tank technology improved significantly between world war 1 and world war 2. Tanks grew stronger, more powerful and harder to kill.

What kind of military technology was used in world war 1?

weapon technology

What was World War 1 known for?

World War I was the first war to incorporate modern technology into fighting techniques.

Russia's significant contributions during World War 1?

didn't contribute.

Was the nuke in World War 1?

no the atom bomb was used in world war 2 the did not have the technology yet

What three technology the axis used in world war 2?

The 3 key technology the Axis used during World War 2 are:TanksGunsBombs

Three war US has been involved in science 1800?

World War 1 World War 2 Korean War

Who gave the world rocket technology during world war 2?