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Xbox 360:


Start Button - Pause Game

Back Button - Not used.

Left Analog - Moves Jack forward, backward, and strafe left and right. Press down to crouch.

Right Analog - Turns Jack left and right, and look up and down. Press down to zoom in.

Directional Pad - Not used.

A Button - Interact with characters.

B Button - Ammunition information (Jack will state how much ammo he has available).

X Button - Not used.

Y Button - Drops weapons (except guns).

Right Bumper - Reload.

Left Bumper - not used.

Right Trigger - Pick up weapons / Melee with gun equipped (to shoot guns hold the left trigger down) / attack with fist or objects. Note Jack will reload automatically once he has run out of bullets and can only carry one gun at a time.

Left Trigger - Aim. To throw an object, hold the left trigger to zoom in and press the right trigger to release it at the intended target. As KONG:
Start Button - Pause Game
Back Button - Not used.

Left Analog - Moves Kong forward, backward, right and left.

Right Analog - Moves camera around Kong (3rd person)

Directional Pad - Not used.
A Button - Swipe with the left arm (both forward and backhand). Stun enemies when in rage/fury mode (see Y button below to enter rage/fury mode).

B Button - Grabs and releases/throws with the right arm. Note: This will grab enemies, objects and to pick up Ann.

X Button - Jump or run. Note: press X twice to jump from one place to another. Hold down the X button while on the ground to run or while hanging to climb/move faster.

Y Button - While an enemy is in Kong's grasp (see B Button above), pressing the Y button will cause Kong to bite the enemy's head off. With no enemies in Kong's grasp, press the Y button once and Kong will lift both arms. Tap it rapidly to turn on Kong's rage/fury. Note: The sky will turn golden after Kong beats on his chest which will indicate that Kong is in rage/fury mode. This will also slow down the game play allowing Kong to become more accurate as well as take less damage. Your rage/fury can be used infinitely without needing to wait for it to recharge. Just rapidly tap it again once it is over to start it up again.

Right Bumper - not used.

Left Bumper - not used.

Right Trigger - not used.

Left Trigger - not used.
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Q: What are the controls for peter Jackson's King Kong?
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What are the ratings and certificates for King Kong Peter Jackson's Production Diaries - 2005 V?

King Kong Peter Jackson's Production Diaries - 2005 V is rated/received certificates of: Singapore:PG UK:12

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Hopefully when he's done with The Hobbit!

Last week the ship peter Jackson used in his King Kong movie was?


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Peter Jackson directed both.

What was Peter Jackson's King Kong rated?

it was rated pg 13 ( for people 13 and up

Will there be another King Kong film?

I doubt it. Peter Jackson remade the King Kong film, originally made in 1933. He did not think of the plot or characters so probably will not make a sequel

Peter Jackson's King Kong PC online code?

i need help finding the online code for king kong so i can continue playing the game please help me find it

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On peter jacksons King Kong where is the code entry?

at the main menu Hold L1 & R1 then press DOWN CIRCLE UP SQUARE DOWN DOWN UP UP Then release L1 & R1 and a cheat option should appear. HOPE THAT HELPS!!!

Who played king kong in the movie king kong?

In the 2005 version of King Kong, Andy Serkis plays Kong.