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The answer to this question is dependent upon several factors. What is the indoor temp, outdoor temp, indoor humidity, etc. This cannot be answered properly without measuring the temperature inside and outside the house. Generally the lowside is 68-85 psi and the highside is 225-300 psi.

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Q: What are the correct high and low readings for r-22 pressures?
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My high and low pressure r134 readings are 90-95 each.what should the refrigerant r134a high and low pressure readings be?

If the pressures are always equal running, the compressor is bad and would need replaced

What pressures do cyclones form as in high or low pressures?

A cyclone is a low pressure system

Why do high and low pressures rotate?

High pressure and low pressures rotate because when they combine they spin and create a tornadoe

What do low and high pressures indicate?

low tempreture is associated with thunderstorms and high preassure is normally a heat wave

Conditions to liquify gas?

Low temperatures and/or high pressures.

What happens to air between high and low pressures?


What causes high and low pressures in weather?

Descending air

What should the high and low pressures be for 404A refrigerant on a walk in cooler?

low 50 to 60 and high 250 to 300

Do molecules obey the ideal gas law?

At high temperatures and low pressures, yes. Real molecules depart from the ideal gas law at high pressures and low temperatures. High and low are relative terms, meaning a low temp for one substance may be a high temp for another substance.

What should the high and low pressures be for 134A refrigerant on a freezer?

low side 25 psi high side 125 psi

Ac keeps cutting off and on?

either its low or too high of pressures

How much did price levels change over the term of president Carter and were there high of low inflationary pressures?

how much did price levels change over change over the term of President Carter's and were there any high or low inflationary pressures?

What are the symbols for fronts high air pressures low pressures and hurricanes on a weather map?

High pressure is represented by a blue letter "H" while low pressure is represented by a red "L." Hurricanes are represented by circles with spiral arms.

Why does the real gas act as an ideal gas at high temperature and low pressure?

Because at low temperatures (not high) and low pressures the interactions between gas molecules are not so important.

What causes increases in barometric pressures?

Low and high pressure systems. Obviously if you have a Low pressure system the barometric pressure will get low. High pressure causes the barometric pressure to rise.

What isobar can measure?

Isobars and Isotherms are areas on the map to define temperature and pressures of weather. Isobers predict the areas of low or high pressures on the map.

Do gases exhibit more ideal behaviors at low or high pressures?

Higher pressures this gives more collisions which is a goal of the gases

What are the normal high and low side air conditioning pressures for a 1998 Cadillac Catera with a 3.0 engine?

It depends on the RPM at Idle speed your low side apr.. 40 and High side at about 150 at 2000 RPM LOW 22 High 230 if high is over 250 there is to much 134A in system at a amibent temp. of 70 degrees F. RPM and outside temp effects readings.

R134a high and low pressure readings?

For a home air conditioning unit 35 psig low and 125 - 150 psig high (depending on outdoor temp) are desirable.

What is folding as it relates to the lithosphere?

Folding is the ductile deformation of rocks. This means that they change shape without fracturing. This can occur in some parts of the lithosphere if the conditions are correct (very low strain rates, high temperatures and/or high confining pressures).

What is PiO2?

Inspired Oxygen Tensions, has to do usually with low Barometric Pressures like in high altitudes.

What should the high and low pressures be for r12 refrigerant on a freezer?

450 psi / 35 psi

High tide is in low tide is out?


How hard to add air conditioner in 2002 golf?

Using a set of a/c gauges put the blue hose on the low side (suction side) and the red hose on the high side (discharge side) and check the pressures first before adding any freon and oil. The low side readings should be between 30 to 40psi and the high side between 200 to 250psi depending on the outside temperature if there are there then don't add freon and oil but if not then add as needed but watch the gauge readings.............

What is the difference between blower and compressor?

The main difference is that blowers are used for the transportation of high volumes at low pressure whereas compressors are used for low volumes with high pressures

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