What are the costs of paraplegia?

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It depends what cost you are referring to, mentally the costs can be quite high, if we are talking money here then there are places where you can get help. Go and see your doctor for more information.
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Why does loss of bladder and bowel happen after paraplegia?

when you fracture your spinal cord belown the neck it causes a loss of feeling in the legs, and sometimes more. Like in quadripelgia, you lose all four limbs and loss of almost everything, so hitting a nerve can cause a lot of damage which cause loss of bladder and bowel movement. hope i helped:). ( Full Answer )

What is the cost?

There are two principles towards cost. 1) Business and 2)Final consumer cost all are affected by fixed expense and variable expenses. Fixed expenses are items that do not increase and remain a stable rate. While variable expenses fluctuate constantly either low or high pending demand, or other condi ( Full Answer )

What is cost?

Cost is defined as the amount that is required to be paid so as tobuy something. It is the asking price or a fee that is charged on acommodity or service.

What is a cost?

a cost is a piece of land surrounded by water Cost - adding extra strength to a structure costs money, as well as using more highly skilled workers and better materials does. · Designers plan their structures to withstand conditions they hypothesize will occur. Good design is a compromise b ( Full Answer )

Cost of a colectomy cost?

Colectomy surgery depends on what happens during your procedure.The average cost of a partial Colectomy falls around $29,000,including a doctor fee of about $3,500 to $4,000. A full surgerywould cost more than $50,000 for the a total Colectomy.

Direct costs and indirect costs?

Direct costs- can be conveniently and economically traced to a cost object Indirect costs- cannot be conveniently or economically traced to a cost object. Instead of being traced, these costs are allocated to a cost object in a rational and systematic manner

Is it 'what if it costs' or 'what if it cost' and why?

What if it costs. It is singular so you use the singular verb form costs The plural form would be "What if they cost" "What if it costs" is present tense. "What if it cost" is past tense. For singular Plural it'd be more like "What if the cost" = Singular. "What if the costs" = Plural. -J

What is paraplegia?

Complete paralysis of the lower half of the body including both legs, usually caused by damage to the spinal cord below the 1st Thoracic spinal cord segment..

Is the cost of the car a fixed cost?

No. the car shipping cost varies with various companies. also the cost varies based on the seasons also. during snowbird season the car shipping prices will rise high. this is because many auto transport companies do not provide shipping services during that season. but the demand for auto transp ( Full Answer )

Paraplegia is paralysis on one side of the body and is caused by a tumor injury or CVA?

hemi-plegia is paralysis or weakness on one side of the body. Paraplegia is loss of sensation and paralysis from approximately the waist down. It can be caused by numerous factors such as traumatic brain or physical injury, CVA, tumour pressure, etc.. hemi-plegia is paralysis or weakness on one sid ( Full Answer )

How much does it cost for prenatal cost?

I would assume lots, but f you have good insurance, it won't be as bad. But, the visits themselves are pricey. Not to mention actually giving birth to the baby. Hope I was helpful.

What is cost to cost?

It is a type of estimate of completion used in construction contracts. It is the ratio of costs incurred by a given date which is divided by the estimated total project cost.

Prime cost and conversion cost?

Prime cost = direct materials + direct labor while conversion cost = direct labor + factory overhead( which includes indirect materials, indirect labor and other indirect costs

What is fixed cost and variable cost?

Fixed costs are costs that DO NOT change in response to changes to activity levels. Variable costs are costs that change in proportion to changes in volume or activity. It's simple, you just have to remember: Fixed cost: Total - DO NOT change Per unit -CHANGES (usually, decrease) Varia ( Full Answer )

Is electricity cost a controllable cost?

Electricity cost not a controllable cost. The manager cannot influence this type of expense. To the extent where a cost cannot be managed it is indeed a non controllable, now for electricity, to the extent where consumption can be raised or lowered it becomes a controllable cost. If the consumption ( Full Answer )

Can a paraplegia patient walk?

A paraplegic occurs due to accident can walk properly and leads a normal life is completely recovery is possible or not PLZ>ANSWER THIS

What is a cost unit in cost accounting?

Cost unit is a unit of production, service or time or combination of these, in relation to which costs may be ascertained or expressed. Ex: Toy making: Batch costing, unit of cost: per batch (ex: $500 per batch) Advertising: Job Costing, unit of cost: per Job Hospital: Operating c ( Full Answer )

How is cost differ from opportunity COST?

cost represents the money paid for something while opritunity cost is the value of one thing is when u give of something else, like cost is these shoes cos $228 or these shoes cost $456 and the others cost $228 you buy the cheap ones your opritunity cost is giving up the other shoes ! i got this off ( Full Answer )

Can direct cost be indirect cost?

The Answer is NO. Direct costs are direct cost which can beclearly/economicaly identified with the cost object, indirect costscannot be traced to a specific cost object, based on the definitiondirect cos cant be an indirect cost (Misdhaaque Ahmed)

Fixed costs are those costs which are what?

Fixed and do not change. A variable cost changes. Fixed costs are things like rent, salaries, or any other cost that does not change over time.

What is the cost of orthodontic braces cost?

Only your orthodontist can tell you that. Everybodies teeth are different meaning each person will need differented treatments, different kind of braces, length needed, and other treatments, such as a retainer and spacers. But the average cost of braces is $5,000 for a two year full treatment.

What is the difference between paraplegia quadriplegia and hemiplegia?

Hemiplegia is a condition where there is paralysis in one vertical half of a patient's body. Quadriplegia , also known as tetraplegia, is a symptom in which a human experiences paralysis affecting all four limbs, although not necessarily total paralysis or loss of function. Paraplegia is an ( Full Answer )

How much does a kangroo cost cost?

about as much as a mungaloid, or maybe as much as it would cost for the turtle man to repair his teeth, that's pretty Neat!! idk but i would Google it. If u dont know then dont answer

What is the cost of Jameson Scotch cost?

Jameson is an Irish whiskey, not a Scotch. The price will depend on where you are buying it and how much you are buying, so this is not a simple question to answer.

What is hereditary spastic paraplegia?

Hereditary spastic paraplegia (HSP) is a hereditary degenerative disorder affecting the corticospinal tracts (long never fibers that supply the upper and lower limbs) within the spinal cord.

Does paraplegia affect movement of legs?

Physical disabilities can be separated into 2 main categories - quadriplegic and paraplegic. Since "Quad" means 4, quadriplegia results in paralysis of both upper and lower limbs i.e. the arms and legs. Paraplegia results in only the lower limbs being paralyzed i.e. the legs.

Is fixed costs is a period costs?

Yes normally fixed costs are period costs because these costs haveto be paid no matter production done or not.

Is variable cost a relevant cost?

If variable cost is important for specific decision making then it is relevant cost to that decision, almost every time variable costs are relevant costs but not true for all situations

What sports can people with paraplegia play?

Team sports are: Wheel Chair Basketball, some Track and Field games, Relay Races, and Rugby, also well known as Murderball. Solo Events: Shooting, Weight Lifting, and Archery have been very popular. Also in the Solo Events category are Wheelchair Table-Tennis, and shot put and racing. Water Sports: ( Full Answer )

What is paraplegia at L2 level?

Being completely paralyzed from the lower lumbar area where your L2 vertebrae is located on your spine. In basic terms, it's pretty much being paralyzed from the waist down.

What is marginal costing and direct costing?

Marginal costing is a technique of costing where the variable expenses are charged to a product. It ignores the fixed expenses incurred by the business in fixing the price of a product on the assumption that the fixed expenses are not incurred in producing an additional unit.They are treated as peri ( Full Answer )

Can paraplegia be treated controlled or prevented?

Paraplegia is a decreased level of function in the lower limbs; in American English this is often assumed to be synonymous with leg paralysis. Treatment is based upon maintaining as much function in the limbs as possible as well as assisting the person to maintain as independent a life as possible. ( Full Answer )

Is advertising cost a period cost?

Yes advertising cost is period cost as it is not part of productcost and advertisement donot tide up with production of units.

Does Kik cost cost money?

supposidly it is free you'll have to download it and see if it does just delete it simple.

What does the word paraplegia originate from?

The word paraplegia has Greek origins. It comes from a Greek word that translates to half striking. Paraplegia is generally caused by an injury to the spinal cord.