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cultural effects of Immigration: americanization. which isn't nessicarily a bad thing. It seems though that the parents of children here stay strong to the way that they were raised, their culture. it's their children that become accustomed to the American ways, and some what lazy. Many of them even say that they have been americanized. My Asian friends do. My boyfriend is Mexican and has done the same thing but he's in denial of it.

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Q: What are the cultural effects of immigration?
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Effects of conquest and trading on cultural food?

effects of conquests and trading on cultural food

What effects did the Vietnam war have on US immigration numbers?

Immigration numbers did not decline.

What could be considered a positive aspect of immigration to the US?

Cultural diversity

What nickname was given to the US because of all the immigration?

A cultural Meltingpot

How has immigration impacted religion in the UK?

religion has been impacted in the UK by immigration because the immigrants all brought in separate religions, and this caused cultural diffusion.

Effects of the cultural revolution?

The Chinese cultural revolution had big consequences for the country. The repeated changing of economic policy had effects of leading to a slower economic growth.

Pros of immigration?

There are many pros to immigration but i will list some only. Immigration brings cultural diversity in to the country, many immigrants come to open small businesses and contribute financially, and they also increase the population of the country

What effects did African immigration movement have on the American economy?

They killed themselves for them

Where might one study the effects of immigration and naturalization?

If someone wishes to study the effects of immigration and naturalization they can do this in a variety of ways. Some of these ways are; reading articles, reading information in books or even watching documentaries.

Which social trend results in both an increase in population and the growth of cultural diversity?

Increase of Immigration.

Does bad credit effect your immigration to Canada?

sure it is! really bad credit effects your immigration aloooot sure it is! really bad credit effects your immigration aloooot sure it is! really bad credit effects your immigration aloooot Do not take advise from anyone that can't spell a lot. Trust me it is not alot or even aloooot. it is and always will be ( A LOT) two words. I am not sure if they are right or not, but at the same time. if they can not spell, well I think that says it all.

Is westernization cultural is encouragement or degradation?

The westernization cultural is both an encouragement and a degradation. There are areas in this world like Africa where westernization has had many positive effects than the negative effects.

What are the effects of cultural diversity?

Some effects of cultural diversity are having a sense of unity, working better together, and learning more about other cultures. Cultural diversity can also create a more hostile environment if any of the minorities feel excluded.

What positive effects did cultural diffusion have on the ancient world?

it had no effect

Negative effects of cultural diffusion?


What has the author Joachim Genge written?

Joachim Genge has written: 'Ausschluss oder Teilhabe' -- subject(s): Emigration and immigration law, Emigration and immigration, Aliens, Cultural assimilation

One of the most important effects of the American industrial revolution was?

a great wave of immigration.

What were the cultural effects of Islam's expansion?

One of the most important of the cultural influences was the conversion of some African states to Islam.

Which is one of the negative effects of cultural convergence?

The growth of a common world culture could cause the decline of cultural diversity.

What was the positive effects of urban growth on US society?

Now Industrialism and Immigration were had some positive effects on America. The Industrial Revolution gave rise to our economy and made it what it is today. Immigration is what makes our country so diverse today.

What was one of the effects of the great society?

Immigration increased steadily .

Is a true statement about cultural shock?

It is real and may have physical effects.

What were the effects of the european immigration on the native americans?

The Europeans started to use the Native Americans as slaves.

What were the major effects of Chinese immigration to Australia?

in 1788 or 2012. choose one.

What were the effects of the government's decision in 1965 to change immigration laws?

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