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What are the custodial rights of an underage mother in Kentucky?

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Unmarried minor females are presumed by law to have the same rights to their unborn or born child as would an adult woman. The minor cannot be forced to place her child for adoption or sign over her parental rights and retains sole custodial rights to her child unless a court rules otherwise. If an underage mother is in need of assistance for herself and her child she should contact the state's department of children and family services. There are also many independent organizations that will offer assistance to any mother and child/children without regardless of age. Birthright, 1-800--550-4900,

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What are the custodial rights of underage mothers against adult fathers in Maryland?

Regardless of age, mother has sole control and custody.

What are the custodial rights of underage mothers in New Hampshire?

According to the precedents set by Anderson v Anderson, there are a list of factors when deciding custodial arrangements of children. Chief among them is the qualifications and fitness of the parent and their ability to control and direct the children. If the underage mother is able to provide this, then she will retain custody.

Does the custodial mother has the rights to go with child on non-custodial father visitation that ordered by the court?

no, that's custodial interference

What rights does a custodial mother have if she's in jail?

Custody of her kids

Can a Noncustodial mother relinquish custody to custodial father?

If the mother is already the non-custodial parent, then the custodial father already has custody. If the question is meant to ask if the mother can give up her parental rights, then you would need to petition the court.

If a grandmother takes care of her grandson since birth and the mother of the child takes him without consulting with the grandmother does the grandmother have legal rights to the child?

A child is not property and continued "possession" does not have meaning with regard to rights. Regardless of how long the grandmother has been taking care of the grandson, she has legal rights to the child only if the mother, or the courts, formally granted her custodial rights. If the grant of custodial rights was never made, then the grandmother has no legal right to interfere with the mother resuming custodial care of the child. (Presuming the mother has not lost custodial rights to some other person or institution.)

Non custodial father rights after child's mother dies?

he needs to file for custody

What are the rights of an teenage mother in Kentucky?

why kentucky? but anyways you probably get baby bonuses or something relating

What is the difference of Parental or custodial rights?

Single fathers have no assumed parental rights, thus the mother has sole custody and control. The must have parental rights first to obtain any type of custodial rights, such as visitation and/or joint custody. see link below

Can a mother transfer her parental rights to her mother before offering custody to the child's father?

No, if what is meant is, can a biological mother of a child give custodial rights to her mother without the necessity of court procedure and/or the agreement of the biological father.

What are your rights as an underage mother?

in the case of the baby you have all the rights an adult mother would have, unless social services has become involved for some reason, as for yourself you need to be more specific.

Can a mother relinquish non-custodial parental rights?

Yes. A non-custodial parent still has some parental rights, which can be relinquished. However, you should consult a licensed attorney before considering such an action.

Does an underage mother have rights over herself?

Of course you do! It's up to you what you do or don't do because it's your child and your body !

Can you have parental rights removed if the mother is an illegal immigrant?

No, custodial rights to minor children are a civil matter and under the jurisdiction of the state of residence. Regardless of the legal status of the mother, she still has legal rights to her biological child unless a court rules otherwise. Likewise, an unmarried female, regardless of her legal status, is presumed by law to retain sole custodial rights to the child until the father establishes parentage and is awarded joint or full custody by the court or refused custodial rights.

If the mother lives in different state than the father can she file for custody of child without father knowing?

No. Biological parents must be notified when the issue concerns minor children of which they share custodial rights. If the couple are not married the law presumes that the mother has sole custodial rights to the minor child/children until legal procedures are followed that might allow the biological father custodial and/or visitation rights.

Can a 16 year old mother move out of the house?

a underage 16 year old mother who is considered an adult and has rights to her own child should have rights to herself aswell, and to where she can live. by all means now that she is a parent with rights she should have rights to her self.

What are the Custodial rights of underage mothers in Wisconsin?

This is an interpretive area, usually without a clear direction of the law. The legislatures have not sufficiently addressed the issues of underage pregnancy, other than to abolish the requirement of being sent to a home for unwed mothers. Which still exist.

Custodial parent denies Noncustodial parent visitation rights in Mississippi?

Unless visitation rights for the non-custodial parent were allowed in the divorce paperwork, the custodial parent is completely within their rights to deny the non-custodial parent visitation....however, the non-custodial parent may sue for visitation rights.

Who has legal custody of minor children when parents never married in Utah?

In cases where the parents of minor children are unmarried the mother generally retainssole custodial rights until the father files a custodial suit. However, this does not mean the mother of the minor children can arbitrarily deny the father's rights of visitation.

Can a custodial parent deny the visitation rights to non-custodial parent in mobile Alabama?

If the court has awarded you visitation rights, then you have those rights legally and they cannot be denied by the custodial parent.

What legal rights does an underage father have if the underage girlfriend is not allowing him visitation or any rights to the child?

see related question

Is the non custodial parent or grand parents legal if the custodial parent is not present?

Parental rights are paramount to "grandparents rights". In most jurisdictions there are no such rights.

Can you deny the father the right to see the baby after he or she is born at least until you leave the hospital?

Yes, assuming that the couple are not married. An unmarried mother has sole custodial rights until the biological father establishes paternity and is awarded custodial and/or visitation rights by the court.

What are the rights of the mother who has shared custody of the child but is not the custodial parent?

same as a father under the same conditions. What the court orders say.

Who gets custody of an unborn child?

No one apart from the mother can obtain "custody" of a fetus. Custody battles must wait until the child has been born. The biological mother always retains custodial rights to a child when the couple are unmarried, until paternity is established and the biological father petitions the court for custodial or visitation rights.

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