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What are the dance steps to 'booty call'?

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Answered 2008-03-08 19:34:32 Here are the dance steps to the booty call dance

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What song is used for the line dance Booty Call?

"Booty Call" by Blackstreet

What music is played for the line dance booty call?

The song is called Booty Call, by Blackstreet

What artist performs the booty call line dance?


What country songs can you do the booty call dance to?

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk- Trace Adkins

Why do they call the new dance the elavator?

"It has no steps"

What song has the lyrics ain't no call like a booty call cause a booty call just don't stop?

G. Love and Special Sauce - "Booty Call" Blackstreet- "Booty Call"

Why do they call the new dance the elevator?

It has no steps!

How do you booty dance?

you wind your booty and bounce it up and down i suppose

What is the duration of Booty Call?

The duration of Booty Call is 1.32 hours.

Where do you find the booty dance on meez to do it after you bought it?

Oh the booty dance that's easy you go to the store like walmart and buy it

How do you know when your just a booty call?

If sex is the focus of the relationship, you are a booty call.

Where is the booty dance for meez?

to get it you have to get a v.i.p. it is called vip dance btw

What do people admire about Shakira?

Her Booty Dance!

Idudu folk dance steps?

idudu dance steps idudu dance steps

When was Booty Call - soundtrack - created?

Booty Call - soundtrack - was created in 1996.

Can the fellas make that booty call hell yeah can the ladies make that booty call lyrics?

Blackstreet - Booti Call

What is the answer to punchline 15.0 algebra B why do they call the new dance the elevator?

it has no steps

How to twerk with a little booty?

To do the twerk dance movement place you hands in the air beside you and shake your booty.

If a guy sleeps with you on a regular basis does it mean your his booty call or more?

if ure not dating, booty call

Folk dance in region 1?

booty music.!

Basic dance steps and movements in foreign dance?

Foreign dance steps

What is the best music to booty dance to?

The best music to booty dance to is R&B or dance music. Samba music and Latin music is good as well as it involves a lot of hip movement and natural rhythm.

Why did he introduce me to his family if I am just a booty call?

Maybe he thinks you're more than just his booty call.

What are the release dates for The Booty Call - 2011?

The Booty Call - 2011 was released on: USA: May 2011

How do you dance the booty dance in the meez nation?

You have to be a v.i.p first then you go to the all star prom