What are the dangers in Panama City panama?

1. Crime. Be sure to not whip out your expensive smart phone too much, and not to wear overtly expensive looking clothes and accesories. Specially in those areas deemed "crime ridden".
2. As of right now, the water. Due to heavy rainfall the water treatment plants are having a very hard time making the water fit for human use. When in Panama I advise you to either boil water for 20 min or more, or buy bottled water for drinking.

3. Sanitation in some places. Be vigilant and if you see any red flags such as bad handling of food, too much flies, dirty restaurant... then don't eat there.

Can't think of any more.... I'm Panamanian by the way.

Please enjoy your stay in Panama. Just as it has dangers like all other places, it is also a fantastic place with many fun things to see and do, and many adventures to have.