What are the dangers of going to Brazil?

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In Brazil
The Dangers Are The Rain Forest And The OxyGen That Come From The Trees And The Wild Life And The Spiders And More Can Bite You And Infect You With Poisen
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Did Hitler go to Brazil?

Nobody knows. . Recent evidence (linked below) suggests Adolf Hitler's actual remains weren't found. Although there are claimed eyewitnesses, this new information may cast doubt on their testimonies and possibly could mean he didn't commit suicide on April 30th, 1945.

Is it dangerous to go to Morocco?

No, it's not dangerous to go to Morocco as long as you observe the normal safety measures (not go out late at night alone to unknown places, etc.), then you'll be fine. Here's a question for the asker "is it safe to be on your neighborhood around 3am)

Do children in Brazil go to school?

Yes some children do and some don't most children have to quit early because they have to get a Job and to help pay the bills for the house!!!

When is a good time to go to Brazil?

It depends... Most tourists go to Brazil among January to march. Maybe because it's summer there, and most because of the most famous Carnaval on Earth, which happens between February and March. If you do not apreciate Brazil's summer high temperatures, about 40°C (104°F), there's always othe ( Full Answer )

When is the best month to go to Brazil?

it depends what you are planning to go to Brazil for, any time of the year is great for tourism, it is just more expensive when it is the summer there (it is summer in Brazil when it is winter in the US) for example, if you are someone looking to party a lot in Brazil - the best time would be to ( Full Answer )

Do you need a passport to go to Brazil?

yes you do need a passport since you're traveling outside of US territory you need also a visa that you can obtain at any Brazilian embassy/consulate in united states

You are from Manila do you need a VISA to go to Brazil?

Citizens from the Philippines do not need a tourist visa forentering Brazil. As visa regimes are constantly changing it isadvisable to always consult with the Brazilian Consulate or Embassyprior to travel. Brazil follows the visa regime of reciprocity offee waivers.

How do you say 'how is it going' in Brazil?

If you're addressing someone young with whom you've got a certain degree of friendship: "Como vai, cara?". If you know the person but not on a friend-like basis or is someone older and/or not of your age: "Tudo legal?" or "Como vai?"

What is the most dangerous animal in Brazil?

As in any other place on earth, is the human being, which is one of the only who kill just because he can. The answer above is a good answer but as a animal it would have to be the Brazilian Wandering Spider. In my research for my future trip to Brazil I caught my eye on this deadly spider. Most ( Full Answer )

Is Brazil dangerous?

no it depends on where you are going and wether you adapt to theirculture or not.

Is it dangerous for oven pilot to go out?

It could be, but if it keeps going out you need a new thermocouple fitted. -This is the device that keeps the gas open to the pilot and thus controls the regulator. They cost less than $10 and can usually be changed in less than an hour. If you haven't done it before I would suggest hiring a compet ( Full Answer )

Why did the Portuguese go to Brazil?

The more land a metropolis had, the more power and money they got. For instance, Brazil was a great agricultural province and had large gold reserves.

What are some good places to go in Brazil?

The Very Good Places To Go to In Brazil Is Praia do Forte, and Bahia Those Are Good Places To Go To To Sight See Or They Call It Wildlife Watching

Is ronaldinho going to return to Brazil?

No it is not likely , as he will have to fill the shoes vacated by Kaka at A.C. Milan.He now has a chance to come back to the old days when he was at Barcelona.

What kind of dangerous animals would you find in Brazil?

The Brazilian wandering spider [ Phoneutria spp ., 'Murderess' in Greek] is one of Brazil's most dangerous animals. The Guinness World Records 2007 ranked them as the world's most venomous spiders. There are 8 species of Brazilian wandering spiders. These spiders are found throughout Brazil, exc ( Full Answer )

Can i go to Brazil if im 16?

Age alone will not prevent you from travelling to Brazil. There may be other things you have to take into consideration

In which direction would you go from Greenland to Brazil?

Geographically Brazil is south of Greenland. There aren't direct flights between Greenland and Brazil. Departures from Greenland would head east to Copenhagen, Denmark or to Reykjavik, Iceland. From there the initial heading to Brazil is southwest .

Can you go carp fishing in Brazil?

Yeah Digga for sure you can. But keep out, best CARP FISHING is in Russia and Ukraine, also Kazachstan is damn`famous for monster carps bigger than hogs. Russian fishes are awesome. Get down and really check it out buddy: Wolga Delta and Donau Delta best carp waters in da whole world, you know what ( Full Answer )

What is the most Dangerous city in Brazil?

It depends what part of the city you're in. Places close to favelas are very dangerous. Brazilian people can recognize a tourist very easy (by clothes you use, skin tone and accent). Try to find out where the middle - high class people go. Some places in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Recife and Brasili ( Full Answer )

When you go to Brazil can you talk in English?

Most Brazilians don't speak English, unfortunately, although most are familiar with simple expressions. If your are dealing with people from the tourism area, you probably won't find any difficulties to talk in English.

What are the dangers of going into space?

We humans evolved here on Planet Earth; we are the way we are because we're HERE. Going out into space means that we'll have to take our environment with us. That environment includes air (not too much, not too little, and with the right proportions of oxygen and other gasses), water, and food. Th ( Full Answer )

What are three reason people go to Brazil?

Three reasons people visit Brazil is because of: . The absolutely beautiful Brazilian beaches . Delicious Brazilian Cuisine . The travel-friendly weather

What vaccinations do you need to go to Brazil?

You aren't required to get any vaccinations, but the recommended vaccines are: . Hepatitis A Hepatitis B Typhoid Yellow Fever Rabies Consult your nearby travel vaccine clinic to get these vaccines..

What are some sites you can go and see in Brazil?

ESPIRITO SANTO - Guarapari - Montanhas Capixabas - Parque Estadual da Pedra Azul - Parque Estadual de Itaúnas - Vitória MINAS GERAIS - Araxá - Belo Horizonte - Congonhas - Cordisburgo - Diamantina - Lagoa Santa - Mariana - Ouro Preto - Parque Nacional Grande Sert ( Full Answer )

Where to go in sao paulo Brazil?

Get appoint Between 20 - 30 years old Italia Tower HAng out in Vila Madalena neigborhoods Olimpia neigborhoods Itaim Bibi neigborhoods JArdins neigborhoods Foods corts of the city (Italian , Japanase, Indian, Brazilian retaurants)

Is it dangerous for an American to go to Taiwan?

it is not dangerous for americans to go to taiwan.Taiwan is a verynice place,have cheaper things and cutest clothes,and many chineseand taiwanese food to eat like stinky tofu,boba milk tea,sping roll,also ,my favorite food------hot pot!

What are the best places to go in Brazil?

According to my point of view, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Iguazu Falls and Manaus are the most popular places in Brazil. You should visit all these places if you are going to Brazil.

Is Mexico dangerous to go to?

It depends. Northern Mexico and its border cities are very dangerous and is not recommended to visit them for whatever reason. Such cities include Juarez, Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo, Chihuahua or Reynosa. On the other hand, central and southern Mexico, including its resort cities are pretty safe to ( Full Answer )

Why should someone go to Brazil?

Well that's an opinion. I , would say because its nice and sunny,i mean anywhere new is fun to go to!

Is it dangerous to go to the Sonoran Desert?

It is only dangerous if you go unprepared with sufficient water andproper clothing and footwear. Also, you should be aware of commonsense safety precautions you need to follow when hiking in thedesert.

Why did Vespucci go to Brazil?

Amerigo Vespucci was an Italian explorer, financier, navigator and cartographer. Vespucci made a voyage to Brazil in Portuguese service, which left Lisbon in 1501. He explored the Patagonian coast and named Rio de Janeiro and the River Plate. On his return to Lisbon, Vespucci wrote in a letter to ( Full Answer )

Why is it dangerous to go out during typhoon?

A typhoon is any tropical depression with winds faster than 119km/74mph or higher. Typhoons can cause MAJOR flooding. Just look at hurricane Katrina the hit New Orleans, LA, USA. That's not a typical hurricane/typhoon, but still be careful. Do not go out in a typhoon, you could be blown away or floo ( Full Answer )

Are dogs in danger of going extinct?

No. Dogs are very loved and well treated animals. Their owners are very loving. In some cases, owners or other "top dogs" can be abusive but these cases are ending constantly as the nation try's to end animal abuse and killings at the pound. You can donate money to try and help stop the abuse if you ( Full Answer )

What are some current events going on in Brazil?

The housing market is blooming over there now and Resorts are in large amounts of time share trades. were the seller gets a great deal for a condo rental in New York! you can Buy a time share 2bed room resort townhouse.

Did the spanish go to Brazil?

Wasn't it the Portuguese? The Pope allocated Brazil to them, the rest of South America to the Spanish. Spaniards did on occasion go to Brazil, but it was colonized, controlled, and primarily settled by the Portuguese.

How is it dangerous to hold going to the bathroom?

It is quite dangerous to hold going to the bathroom because you could be more likely to get several types of bladder infections from urine that is held for a long period of time. You are also more likely to have bathroom accidents from holding urine.

Where can one go to read news in Brazil?

Telegraph, New York Times and Bloomberg all offer international news for hundreds of countries. National Newspapers for Brazil are Diario de Canoas and O Globo, with of course many others.

Are the Chislehurst Caves dangerous to go in?

The Chislehurst Caves, in Kent, England, are not dangerous to enter. The site is a tourist attraction and guided tours of the caves are offered. The caves were even used as bomb shelters during World War 2.

Is Pokemon GO dangerous?

No, Pokemon GO itself is not dangerous. Paying attention to yourphone instead of your surroundings is dangerous, especially whiledriving. Going to dangerous places and trespassing is dangerous,and you shouldn't do either one, even if you might be able to catcha cool Pokemon. As long as you remember ( Full Answer )