What are the dangers of going to Spain?

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Why did the us go to war with Spain?

the reason why us went to war with spaine is because of the panama canal and the sinking of the battleship Maine

Is it dangerous for a teen to go hunting?

Yes, he could step in a hole and sprain his ankle.. But seriously, not if the teen and the other members of his hunting party are properly equipped and properly trained in the use of firearms.. Just don't invite the Vice President to join you.

Why should someone go to Spain?

Spain is a great place to visit. It's people are friendly, the food is great, it has great museums, great beaches, mountains, historical sights, and some really nice eye candy.

Will the Jonas brothers go to Spain?

\ni didnt see anything on their myspace which has their tour dates but i might have overlooked. here's the link: http://www.myspace.com/jonasbrothers keep checking for updates!

Most dangerous jobs in Spain?

The most dangerous job in Spain is a bull shepherd. It is estimatedthat between 200 to 300 people get injured each year doing this jobbecause it consists of herding bulls through the streets ofPamplona.

Do you need a passport to go to Spain?

yes. It depends on your citizenship. Members of the European Union are not required to have a passport to go between counties in the Union. Otherwise Spain requires a passport.

What are the dangers of going to Brazil?

The Dangers Are The Rain Forest And The OxyGen That Come From The Trees And The Wild Life And The Spiders And More Can Bite You And Infect You With Poisen

Why did the US and Spain go to war?

Spain controlled Cuba. America wanted Cuba so the Americans and Spaniards went to war about who could actually control Cuba.

Is it dangerous to go without fruit?

While it isn't necessarily dangerous , it can be unhealthy. Fruits contain may of the vitamins and nutrients necessary for good health. Eliminating them from your diet can make it difficult to make-up those nutrients from other sources.

What do tourists go to see in Spain?

Most tourists go to Spain for the warm weather so a vast majority venture no further than the beach or the hotel pool. Spanish cities, however, have a lot of wonderful architecture museums plus the flamenco dancers to name a few attractions

Why did El Greco go to Spain?

Because the emperor was building a new palace and wanted to employ Italian artists or artists trained in Italy. But the emperor did not lake El Greco's painting.

Is it dangerous going to Alaska?

There are many dangers in Alaska, but mostly outside the population centers. Anchorage is considerably less dangerous than much of Southern California. However there are many sightings of moose in downtown Anchorage, and bears and wolves live all over the state.

Can you go skiing in Spain?

I think both Spain and France have ski resorts on their respective sides of the Pyrenee mountains, it all depends on what you prefer to speak.

Why did priests go to New Spain and what did they do there?

The priests were with the explorers for two reasons. One reason was to see to the souls of the men on ship. Crews said about 56 prayers a day and had mass twice a day. The second was to save the souls of the natives they met. The guiding thought of the time was that since the Natives they met were n ( Full Answer )

Why is it dangerous to go anorexic?

Anorexia can cause malnutrition. It also causes energy deficiency in the body, because energy in the body comes from food. Commonly, anorexic people are tired and moody because of this lack of food. Anorexia that goes untreated can cause such a severe loss of fat that hormonal growth, including t ( Full Answer )

How many years of school do you go to in Spain school in Spain?

Children go to Educación infantil (Kindergarten) from the age of 3 years (they start in September of the year of their 3rd birthday for 3 years. Then go to Educación Primaria (primary school) from September of the year of their 6th birthday for 6 years. ESO (Educación Segundaria Obligator ( Full Answer )

Who did Spain go to war with in 1936?

The Spanish Civil War began in 1936. Although there was foreign assistance on both sides by far the heaviest fighting and dying was done by Spaniards themselves.

When did Magellan go to Spain?

Magellan left Portugal for Spain in 1516. In 1517 he began preparing for the circumnavigation of the world. The voyage began in 1519 and ended in 1522. Magellan himself died in a battle in the Philippines in 1521.

The decision to go to war with Spain?

The battleship Maine blew up in Havanah harbor. This lead to the Hearst papers to demand that the US free the Spanish islands (Cuba, Puerto Rico) from Spain. The papers said a Spainish mine had destroyed the battleship. Many years later the ship was excavated and it was determine and interior coal b ( Full Answer )

What fun can you get out of going to Madrid Spain?

Going to: _ I max (the largest 3D cinema in the world) _ Shopping in the main streets _ Discovering the history of the muslims in Madrid through 900 years (museums) _ going to canari islands between spain and portuga,

Why did Spain go to Mexico?

Im 99% sure that it was because they were in search for gold i think, probably need to look it up more.

What are the dangers in Spain?

The only danger that comes to mind regarding Spain is that you may fall in love with the place and never wish to leave.

What are the dangers of going into space?

We humans evolved here on Planet Earth; we are the way we are because we're HERE. Going out into space means that we'll have to take our environment with us. That environment includes air (not too much, not too little, and with the right proportions of oxygen and other gasses), water, and food. Th ( Full Answer )

Is it dangerous for an American to go to Taiwan?

it is not dangerous for americans to go to taiwan.Taiwan is a verynice place,have cheaper things and cutest clothes,and many chineseand taiwanese food to eat like stinky tofu,boba milk tea,sping roll,also ,my favorite food------hot pot!

Is Mexico dangerous to go to?

It depends. Northern Mexico and its border cities are very dangerous and is not recommended to visit them for whatever reason. Such cities include Juarez, Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo, Chihuahua or Reynosa. On the other hand, central and southern Mexico, including its resort cities are pretty safe to ( Full Answer )

Are there any dangerous animals in Spain?

First answer: - Wolves, - Bears, First edit: - Wolves - Bears - The Procession Caterpillar (thaummetopoea Pityocampa), - Sea Nettle Jellyfish (Pelagia Noctiluca), - Mediterranean Scorpion (Buthus Occitanus - Escorpion Amarillo) [ hurts] [5 venomous snake spices] (5/1 ( Full Answer )

Is it dangerous to go to the Sonoran Desert?

It is only dangerous if you go unprepared with sufficient water andproper clothing and footwear. Also, you should be aware of commonsense safety precautions you need to follow when hiking in thedesert.

Who wanted to go to war with Spain?

Over the centuries many countries have declared war on Spain, or wanted to. France, Portugal, England, Ottoman Empire, Italy, Germany, Spain (civil war), Poland, Austria etc.

Do people in Spain mostly go to college in Spain or America?

Most Spaniards go to university in Spain for three major reasons. Firstly, universities are much cheaper in Spain than in the United States. Secondly, Spanish universities are well-acclaimed. Thirdly, those universities are close to home (which allow them to see their families) and conduct classes i ( Full Answer )

Why is it dangerous to go out during typhoon?

A typhoon is any tropical depression with winds faster than 119km/74mph or higher. Typhoons can cause MAJOR flooding. Just look at hurricane Katrina the hit New Orleans, LA, USA. That's not a typical hurricane/typhoon, but still be careful. Do not go out in a typhoon, you could be blown away or floo ( Full Answer )

Are dogs in danger of going extinct?

No. Dogs are very loved and well treated animals. Their owners are very loving. In some cases, owners or other "top dogs" can be abusive but these cases are ending constantly as the nation try's to end animal abuse and killings at the pound. You can donate money to try and help stop the abuse if you ( Full Answer )

Why was it dangerous to go against british?

Because at that time, Britain had the largest empire in the world, and were very disciplined. They also had an EXTREMELY well trained army (redcoats). They had stopped lots of revolts like in in India. The only reason America won the Revolution was because Britain was small so they had to rise taxe ( Full Answer )

Is it dangerous to go on holiday to Ibiza?

Ibiza is a Mediterranean Island located off the coast of Spain and is not dangerous to go on holiday. Many people travel to Ibiza daily because of its beauty.

How is it dangerous to hold going to the bathroom?

It is quite dangerous to hold going to the bathroom because you could be more likely to get several types of bladder infections from urine that is held for a long period of time. You are also more likely to have bathroom accidents from holding urine.

Why did France and Spain go to war?

France and Spain or their predecessors have gone to war againsteach other and with each other against other enemies numerous timesthroughout history. Each of these times, the war was started fordifferent reasons and had different aims. Some such wars includedthe Thirty Years War (opposed), the War o ( Full Answer )

Are the Chislehurst Caves dangerous to go in?

The Chislehurst Caves, in Kent, England, are not dangerous to enter. The site is a tourist attraction and guided tours of the caves are offered. The caves were even used as bomb shelters during World War 2.

What contributed to Spain going bankrupt?

You mean during the reign of King Philip II ? Spain's Americancolonies and their regular supply of shiploads of silver to Spainin a way contributed to it. Just like many oil producing countriestoday, these easy riches produced two effects: 1) Spain totallyneglected the build-up of economic activity ( Full Answer )

Is Pokemon GO dangerous?

No, Pokemon GO itself is not dangerous. Paying attention to yourphone instead of your surroundings is dangerous, especially whiledriving. Going to dangerous places and trespassing is dangerous,and you shouldn't do either one, even if you might be able to catcha cool Pokemon. As long as you remember ( Full Answer )

Why is going into the wood dangerous for katniss.?

It depends on what book/story/point in the story you are askingabout. At the beginning, it is not very safe for her to go into thewoods to hunt because of the chance of 1. Getting caught or 2. Being killed if the fence were to be electrified suddenly. Hope this helped! -Jane