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Q: What are the dates of hernando de soto exploration?
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Where did Hernando de soto began his exploration?

He began his exploration in Florida.

What is Hernando de Soto date of exploration?


What was Hernando De Soto's date of exploration?

1534 to 1543

Why was the exploration important to Hernando de soto?

he discovered Florida

What was the purpose of Hernando de Soto's exploration?

The purpose of Hernando de soto is to gain wealth and respect. he came in search of gold and other riches

What was the impact of Hernando de soto's exploration?

Hernando brought diseases to America with native Americans

Hernando de Soto's exploration?

he explored Tennesse in search for gold and land

Is there any effects of Hernando de soto's exploration?

the rivers that he discovered and Florida

What was Hernando de soto's famous exploration?

i think his famous exploration is when he discovered and went to the mississippi river

What were the dates of Hernando de soto's voyages?


What country is Hernando de soto from?

Hernando de Soto was from Spain.

A picture of Hernando De Soto's ship?

Hernando De Soto

Where did Hernando De Soto start on his exploration?

hernanda desoto stared his journey in Spain

Is Hernando de soto from Florida?

Hernando DE Soto was NOT from Florida he was from Spain

Was Hernando DE Soto successful?

yes hernando de soto was successful

What was Hernando de soto real name?

The real name of Hernando de Soto was Henry the Soto

Where did hernando de soto settle?

Eventually Spain gave Hernando de Soto the governorship of Cuba. He settled there, but did not stay for very long. He returned to exploration and died in a fight with Native Americans.

What was hernando de soto nickname?

De Soto

What was Alabama's exploration?

In 1540 the Spanish adventurer Hernando De Soto became the first European to explore what is now Alabama (see De Soto).

Hernando de soto dates of voyage?

His first exploration of North America was in 1514 his one of Peru was in 1531 and his last one I in 1548

Where did Hernando de Soto sail?

Hernando De Soto sailed to Florida.

Where was Hernando de Soto from?

Hernando de Soto was born in Extremadura, a region in Spain.

Who was Hernando de soto's family?

Did Hernando De soto travel by boat or on land

What was Hernando de soto's full name?

Hernando de Soto el Grandez

Who was Hernando de soto mother?

who was Hernando de soto the spain explorer father