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What are the deaths in the horror film Are You Scared?



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1. Girl dunks her head in acid, and dies.

2. Jason refuses to cut into himself to remove the explosive planted inside of him, and blows up.

3. Dylan and Cherie (brother and sisters) end up in a trap together, Dylan saves his sister by letting the drill bit kill him first.

4. Brandon gets shot to death when he trips the tripwire, unleashing a torrent of shotgun fire. However, he is really killed when Cherie stabs him with a pipe by accident.

5. The bank teller girl dies from blood loss, her intestines were used to tie her hands together.

6. Cherie is killed with a wire by the guy behind the games, her head just snaps off?

7. The main detective gets his head chopped in half with an axe by the killer.

8. Kelly dies in the end, the ending sucks.

I hope as you read this, you have either already saw this piece of crap or have decided to avoid it like the plague.