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Cobras are venoumous snakes that secrete highly toxic venom through their fangs. The venom is produced in their venom glands at the back of the head.

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What are the defense weapons of a cobra?

the cobras defense weapons are its venom and fangs

What defense weapons does a mongoose use?

the weapon of defense of the mongoose is its high jumps his fast movements to kill the cobra or any snake

Mongooses defense weapons?

Their Defense weapons are there1.Teeth2.claws3.Back feet

What is the defense weapon for a cobra?

The cobra can spit, swim, grow very large, hear really well, and it is venomous.

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What snake spit poison into the eyes of it victims?

A Spitting cobra, though it only uses this in defense.

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What is a cobras defense weapons?

cobras defense weapons are their venouim and their fanges.........................................................^^^^^^...............^^^^^^Wow, that guy really just spelled venom and fangs wrong. Just wow...LOLZ! venom and fangs is so not hard to spell! XD

Does wars wasting money on weapons?

It depends, if a country buys too many weapons or stocks up for no reason, then yes. If they are purchasing weapons for the need to provide soldiers with a way of defense, then no.

Why do dragons breathe fire?

It is a method of self defense or hunting, much as the spitting cobra projects its venom at its prey or attacker.