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What are the demand of north Vietnamese?


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If by the North Vietnamese you mean during the Vietnam War their goal was to unite all of Vietnam under a communist regime. Which was successful.

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North Vietnamese đồng was created in 1946.

North Vietnamese are inhabitants of North Vietnam, while Vietcong are Vietnamese warriors during the Viet war.

NVN=North Vietnamese Navy NVAF=North Vietnamese Air Force NVA=North Vietnamese Army

North against South Vietnamese.

North Vietnamese invasion of Laos happened in 1959.

They were overrun by the North Vietnamese after the US ground forces withdrew.

North & South Korean Armistice (Truce) in 1953. North Vietnamese Victory in 1975.

North Vietnamese money or South Vietnamese money? There were two countries.

What happened to the NORTH Vietnamese? Or what happened to the SOUTH Vietnamese people?

He Sent them to Help The South Vietnamese Against The North Vietnamese

The South Vietnamese feared the North, and liked the US presence. The North Vietnamese probably disliked the US as well as the South Vietnamese who sided with them; and wanted the US gone and out of the way.

The final city that fell to the North Vietnamese Army was Saigon.

North Vietnamese or South Vietnamese? Those would be two completely different experiences.

The Viet Cong was the military arm of the National Liberation Front, South Vietnamese Communists, who supported the goals of the North Vietnamese Communists in their attempt to gain military and political control over South Vietnam. The North Vietnamese Army was the regular army of North Vietnam. MrV

Vietminh refers to the North Vietnamese and the Vietcong were mostly South Vietnamese whose loyalty was with North Vietnam.

The South Vietnamese were the enemies of the North Vietnamese. The Eastern block supported the North and the Western block supported the South.

France, Australia, US, North Vietnamese (Vietcong), South Vietnamese.

The North Vietnamese Army (North Vietnamese Air Force over N. Vietnam) and the Viet Cong.

The north Vietnamese were fighting with the south Vietnamese because the (north) wanted to impliment a communist government and the Viet-cong (south) wanted to remain as they were.

The communist North Vietnamese and the Capitalist South Vietnamese did not agree with eachother's form of government. The communist North Vietnamese, backed and supplied by Russia, invaded South Vietnam with the help of militia groups called the Vietcong, attempting to make the whole country communist. The South Vietnamese, supplied and supported by the US, fought back against the North Vietnamese but were eventually defeated after US troops were taken out of Vietnam in 1975.

In the Vietnam War, the South Vietnamese were backed by the United States. The North Vietnamese were supported by the Soviet Union and China.

Because their nation was over-run by the North Vietnamese communists.

The North Vietnamese Army was a regular army; just the like the US Army. The South Vietnamese communists living in South Vietnam were called the Viet Cong (VC); they were the guerrillas.

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