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One was homosexual and the other was straight. Confucius believed that engaging in sexual contact with men was normal, but Hanfeizi thought differn't.

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Unlike Confucius or Laozi, Hanfeizi taught that humans were naturally evil. He believed that they needed harsh laws and stiff punishments to force them to do their duty. Hope this helps. :)

Both of them were philosophers. Confucius was from China, while the Buddha was from Nepal.

Hanfeizi believed that humans were naturally bad, while Laozi believed that humans were naturally good.

Hanfeizi was very important. Legalism was based on his teachings. He lived from 280-233 B.C.E. He was a prince of the royal family of the state of Han. He got to see the end of the Warring States Period and the Zhou Dynasty Like Confucius. Hanfeizi was very concered with creating peace and order into a society, but he did not think Confucious teachings about proper behavior were the answer. Many of his ideas survive today in a book named after him called Hanfeizi.

Some famous people from ancient China include Confucius, Laozi, and Hanfeizi.

Hanfeizi was a Chinese philosopher who developed the doctrine of Legalism.

The different between Confucius and Laozi is that lLaozi focus on nature and Confucius focus on different region.

Confucius was a man who lived in the country of China.

hanfeizi believed that everyone was evil and that they had to be controlled by strict laws.

Legalism was begun by Hanfeizi

Hanfeizi taught that humans were naturally evil. He believe that they needed harsh laws and stiff punishments to force them to do their duty.

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