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Hitler and Stalin Hitler's father was a cruel angry man who beat Adolph regularly. At the age of 10 Adolph was in a coma for a week due to one of these episodes. Adolph sang in his church choir, loved to paint and wanted to be a priest. His father refused to allow him to follow his wishes and told him he must join the military. Stalin had a similar life. His father had broken most if not all of his bones at least one time. Stalin wanted to be a writer, sang in his church choir with similar intentions of becoming a priest. And yet again the father said no.. he was to be in the military.

The ruling strategy that Mussolini used was impressive to Hitler. The ruling strategy of Hitler was impressive to Stalin. Hitler and Stalin had similar tactics - rule by force and fear just like Mussolini.

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  • Stalin was the leader of Russia and a communist. Hitler was a nazi and hated communists (even though they had some shared beliefs) also Hitler was for Germany
  • Stalin was the dictator of Russia and Hitler was the ruler of Germany during WWII.

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Stalin and Hitler were different in some of their tactics (due to one being Fascist and one being communist). Hitler immediatyl sought ot be adored by the entire country, even though he did use a certain element of fear to keep the people who disagreed with him in line.

Stalin's rule relied much heavier on force and fear, although he also had considerable amounts of support.

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Q: What are the differences between Hitler and Stalin?
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What were the main differences between Hitler and Stalin?

Hitler was a Fascist that despised Communism. Stalin did not seek extremely ambitious territorial gains, only returns of land lost in the past.

What were their differences in Hitler and Stalin?

Hitler just took over by voting and his famous speeches. Stalin on the other hand just got power by his family's power.

Who is Hitler worse than Stalin?

If you mean: Was Hitler worse than Stalin or Who was worse, Hitler or Stalin? The answer is Hitler.

What were the differences in what Hitler and Stalin believed in?

Hitler believed in the superiority of the German nation and north European people in general. Stalin believed in the equality of people regardless of origin and nation.

Was Stalin a follower of Hitler?

No; nor was Hitler a follower of Stalin. Hitler despised Communists, sending their followers to die in concentration camps. Stalin disliked Hitler because he violated a treaty between Germany and Russia (Molotov-Ribbentrop Treaty) and invaded his country.

Who won the battle between Stalin and Hitler?

Because Hitler was fighting on a number of war fronts, Stalin became one of the victorious leaders of WW2.

Did Hitler and Stalin meet?

No, Hitler and Stalin never met.

What time did Hitler break the pact with Stalin?

Hitler broke the non-aggression pact between him and Stalin when he invaded and attacked the USSR on 6/22/41.

Did Stalin make a pact with Hitler?

Yes. It was the Hitler-Stalin Pact.

Did Hitler and Stalin ever meet?

No, Hitler and Stalin never met.

What was the agreement between Hitler and Stalin?

That Germany would not invade Russia.

Who was the most violent Hitler or Stalin?

Stalin and Hitler were both equally violent.

Was Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler both in favor of Communism?

No, Stalin was, Hitler was not.

How was Stalin a better leader than Hitler?

Stalin was worst than Hitler. Stalin killed 9 million more people than Hitler.

Who was more liberal Stalin or Hitler and why?


What did francisco franco have in common with Hitler and Stalin?

With Hitler he was a socialist. He had nothing in common with Stalin.

Who was the worst dictator Hitler Stalin or Mussolini?

In my opinion: Hitler, then Stalin, followed by Mussolini

Hitler and Stalin secretly agreed to divide between their two countries?


What is one difference between Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin?


What are the similarities between Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler?

They both are men......................... I think

Hitler and Stalin secretly agreed to divide what between their two countries?


What similarities and differences Stalin had with Hitler?

Both of them are Egomentist people who used brute force to control people and destroy it enimies

Who was worse Hitler or Stalin?

Probably Hitler. They were both mass murderers, but what Hitler did was HORRIBLE! Hitler and his Nazis killed millions of Jews, and Stalin didn't. Stalin is more of a 50-50, but Hitler was far more evil and cruel.

What territory did Hitler and Joseph Stalin agree to divide?

Stalin and Hitler agreed on dividing Poland in the beginning of the second world war, and then Stalin was betrayed by Hitler, and they became enemies.

What were their differences Hitler and Stalin?

Stalin was the dictator of the Soviet Union, while Hitler was the dictator of Germany. It's estimated that the death toll of people who were killed by Stalin is approximately 20 million. Hitler killed six million Jewish people during the Holocaust. They eventually became enemies when Hitler's army violated a pact saying that Hitler and Stalin promise not to invade each other's countries and fight against each other. Most people say that Stalin was history's worst dictator ever. Stalin was the world's #1 killer and he was far more worse than Hitler and Vladimir Lenin.