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What are the differences between Multitasking and Multiuser OS?

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Multitasking OS can run multiple processes at the same time in short periods called a time slice for each process. Miltiuser OS allows more than 1 user to use the same processor (CPU) at the same time. (not exactly the same time but it's so small)

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Is Linux a multiuser OS?

yes it is. Linux is a multiuser OS.

Is windows x is multiuser os?

yes windows is a multiuser OS

What is the difference between multiuser multitasking and multiprocessing?

* Multiuser: A computer system the can handle more then one user at a time. Windows is not a multiuser OS. It can handle only one user at a time. * Multitasking: The ability of an OS to do more then one thing at atime. for instance, you can be downloading a large file and still use another program to do something, like write a book. * Multiprocessing: The chip in new computers is able to do more then one task at a time because there is more then one processing unit on/in the chip.

Difference between single user single task and single user multitasking?

differences between single user single task os and single user multi task os

Is multiuser operating system a multitasking operating system?

Nope it's not, a multiuser OS can be used by many people, one at at time. Lets say you have one computer for the whole family to share, you can use a different login for them so they can only log into their part only after you are done with it.With a Multitasking OS you can do more then one thing at a time, like, watch a movie on your device and play a game at the same time.Here's another analogy, rub your belly and at the same time pat your head, that's multitasking.

Is Macintosh a multiuser OS?


Is mac OS x a multitasking operating system?

Mac OS X is a preemptive multitasking system.

Is unix a multitasking OS?


Can mac os support multitasking?


Which operating system is better at multitasking Mac OS or Windows Vista?

It depends on your preference. Both Mac OS X and Windows Vista are excellent for multitasking.

Is xp a multi user operating system? xp is not a multiuser os....

Is windows 2000 a single user or multiuser operating system?

it is a multi user OS

Difference between single user operating system and multiuser operating system?

single user os is that os which support only one user at a time and multi user os is that which support more than one user at the same time

What are the advantages of unix os over ms-dos os?

unix is more secure, can multitask, multiuser, powerful than dos

Which Microsoft os first supported preemptive multitasking?

Windows 95

What is the meaning of kernel in os?

It manages drivers, memory, processor, multitasking between processes, security, input/output and provides API's to programs.

What are the main functions of multiuser OS?

It allows two or more users to run programs at the same time.

What is the open source multitasking operating system designed for smartphones?

Symbian OS

What is single user single tasking os?

these types of operating systems can not used for multitasking.

What are the differences between Windows and OS-X?

Mac OS X has different particles unlike Windows, were everything is a bit simpler then a Mac OS X.

Example of multi tasking OS?

windows, mac os, unix, linux..generally all of the present versions of these OC's are multitasking ones..

What are the differences between various operating systems?

difference between layered and kernel base approach in OS structure

What are the differences between Windows Vista and Mac OS X?

one is mac and one is windows

What are the differences between Unix and Mac OS X?

Unix is a specification. Mac OS X is a certified implementation of Unix. This like asking "What is the difference between a turtle and a red-eared slider."

Difference between multitasking and real time operating system?

Well... to easy the answer Multitasking is just a technique involved in building an OS Thus any OS must have some kinds of multitasking. example Both Windows OS & MAC OS use Preemptive Multitasking but also there is another type of multitasking known as Cooperative. Thus these 2 are the most commonly used multitasking techniques really. (you can google for more about their differences) Going back to your actual question, you should now have noticed that Multitasking is a technique used in an OS development. another term "Real time" comes almost always with an "Operating system (OS)" because the operating systems built by multitasking Technique are almost always Real time based if that form of multitasking has at least some or more of these parts: a) Scheduler: its primary role is to Dispatch every task within a certain given time and then go to the next task etc... b) Kernel (aka Context switching) This is the core of modern operating systems, Kernel here ensures that as each task (process) as it is being finishes its time to run every single peripherals that task used such as memory, register, etc... are restored back to their default values ready to be used by the next task and Kernel actual saves the data of every single task here even though it was suspended. Kernel does a lot more though. but this is His basic or primary role. In Embedded systems Multitasking the above parts are a must for any OS. Thus the facts that a given OS is a real time really means nothing more than saying that each task has got its own defined time. Thus a task must run at a certain given time and end at another time and this time a task uses is always known and is periodic which means a task is being run at a certain known time no matter what happen at time "t1" a certain given task "x" will be run and later at time "t2" will finish and since this can happen forever without any obstruction this is called a Real time. I think you now hopefully understand a basic idea behind a Real time OS and Multitasking :)) Nshuti Olivier. Mechatronics (Massey University Albany)

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