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What are the differences between Paris and Hector in Iliad?

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Paris and Hector are brothers and although it is not explicitly stated by Homer, it appears that Hector is probably the elder and Paris the younger. Hector is the most able warrior in Troy and is the leader of the Trojan army and he is looked up to by the citizens of Troy, whereas Paris is regarded by his people as 'black death'. They are different in many aspects.

  1. Hector accuses Paris in Book 3 of being 'beautiful, woman crazy, cajoling' and for not facing up to Menalaus in battle and wishes he had never been born, so the whole war wouldn't have happened. Contrastingly, Hector in Book 22 does stand up to fight Achilles, although he does have an inwardly debate as to whether he should fight.

    Paris isn't as capable as Hector in fighting; he hardly participates and when he does, is scared and nothing like what they thought a soldier should be. Paris is a archer and Hector a swordsman who fights face to face showing him to be braver. Hector has to make up for the fact that his father, Priam is old and that Paris is weak at fighting, by being a strong warrior.

  2. They are both husbands, but Paris doesn't have children. Hector has one son with his wife, Andromache, called Scamandrius (Asyanax), who both later meet their unfortunate deaths when Troy is captured.
  3. Hector as a son, is the one that wishes most to win glory for his father, Priam. This was the idea in Ancient Greece, that a son can gain respect for his father by fighting in battle. Hector says in Book 6 that he wishes for his son to grow up to be a better man than he. (However, we know this will never come to be). Hector, especially in Book 22 knows that retreating into the walls of Troy will show cowardice, which is something that he does not ever want to succumb to. Thus, he fights to the death against Achilles.
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Did Paris fight hector?

Hector was Paris's brother, and while Hector did not approve of Paris stealing Helen from Menelaus (which caused the Trojan War), there was no significant physical confrontation between the two. In the Iliad, Hector often expresses his disagreement with Paris, but still fights the Trojan War as a commander.

What are the 7 outstanding episodes of Iliad?

The Seven Outstanding Episodes of Iliad: 1) The Quarrel Between Agamemnon & Achilles 2) The Single Combat Between Menelaus & Paris 3) The Farewell of Hector from Andromache 4) The Single Combat Between Aias (a.k.a. Ajax) & Hector 5) The Games Played at the Funeral of Patroclos 6) The Ransoming of the Dead Body of Hector by His Father, King Priam 7) The Lamentations of the Trojan Women Over the Dead Body of Hector

Who led the Trojan forces in its war against Greeks accoroding to Iliad?

Obviously Hector, and when he was killed his Paris and his brothers

Who is the main Trojan characters of the poetry The Iliad?

Hector - acting chief of the Trojan forces - is by far the most important Trojan in the Iliad. Hector's death marks the end of the poem, and the last line is: These were the funeral rites of Hector, tamer of horses. Other important Trojan characters in the Iliad include Aeneas, Paris, Priam, and Hecuba.

Who are the characters in The Iliad?

the characters on iliad are the following: agamemnon, menelaus, achilles, paris, helen, king priam, hecuba, odysseus,hector,patroclus,chrisies,chrises,brisies,cassandra, astyanax,calcas,iphegenia,clytemnestra,...

Who were the main characters in Homers The Iliad?

There are many main characters, but probably the most famous were:AchillesHectorParisHelenMenelausAgamemmonDiomedesOdysseusPatroclus

Similarities between The Iliad and Troy?

Original Answer: It is not possible to compare a book (the Iliad) with a city (Troy). Improved Answer: I believe the question is referring to the book (the Iliad) and the movie (Troy). Here are some similarities: Thetis warns Achilles of the prophecy that he will die if he goes to war in Troy but his name will live on forever. Helen is taken by Paris which starts the Trojan War. Achilles kills Hector King Priam sneaks into the greek camp to request the body of Hector from Achilles. Aeneas is said to be the founder of a new Troy. Paris kills Achilles with an arrow The twelve days of funeral games for Hector and Patroclus are recognized. Hector kills Patroclus. Two coins are placed on the eyes of the deceased for the boatman. Agamemnon and Achilles are at war with each other. Hector has touching scene with his baby son. Patroclus and Achilles were cousins. Hector kills Patroclus wearing Achilles armor.

What are the differences between France and Paris?

France is a country and Paris is a capital (of France )

Who are they Paris and hector in ancient greek literature?

Paris and Hector were sons of King of Troy Priam and therefore they were brothers.

What are the names of the movies made about Paris?

The iliad

Who saved Paris's life from menelaus?

In the movie Troy Paris' life is saved by his brother Hector but in the Iliad by homer Paris is saved by Aphrodite, who cuts his helmet loose when he is being dragged by Menelaus and takes him away in a storm of dust back to safety.

Where did Paris and Hector live?


Who was the price of troy?

Hector and Paris

What was the other name of Paris in The Iliad?

Alexander or Alexandros

Who is the prophet advisor to the king of troy in The Iliad?


What happened to Hector Achilles Paris Patroclus and Agamemnon?

Patroclos killed in battle by Hector Hector killed in battle by Achilles Achilles killed in battle by Paris Paris killed in battle by Philoctetes Agamemnon killed by his wife Clytmnestra

What is the difference between Helen and Paris in The Iliad?

Paris is Hector's brother, or cousin... he's the prince. Helen was Agamemnon's girl who Paris stole. the whole reason they're fighting each other, really

Who are the characters in Iliad?

There are many characters within The Iliad, Achilles being the protagonist. Patroclus, his close friend and companion. Who were both Greek, Paris and Hector were two famous brothers of Troy with their father Priam and mother Hecabe also. Many Gods are mentioned within The Iliad also, such as: Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo, Athena, Hephaestus, Hera, Thetis others are also mentioned! :-)

How does Paris die in The Iliad?

He was killed by an arrow shot by Philoctetes.

What is happening in the beginning of The Iliad?

paris is granted helen of sparta

How was Paris slain?

In the Iliad, he was killed by an arrow shot by Philoctetes.

What country did Hector Berlioz die in?


Who does hector predict will kill Achilles?


When did Hector Zazou die?

Hector Zazou died on September 8, 2008, in Paris, France.

What are the differences between Achilles and Paris?

Paris fought Trojan War for Love, but Achilles fought for glory and to leave a history.