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Facebook is a Place to talk to friends you know now, And had known in the Past all around the world.

WikiAnswers is a Place to Answer and Ask Questions for people around the whole world

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Can you get on Facebook from this website?

No, You cannot log on to Facebook from WikiAnswers. You can sign into WikiAnswers using your Facebook account however.

How do you get an icon for your WikiAnswers account?

You can set a profile avatar by connecting your WikiAnswers and Facebook accounts. The profile pic associated with your Facebook will appear on your WikiAnswers profile.

How do you join WikiAnswers without using your Facebook account?

You can't, you need to use your Facebook account to register an account on WikiAnswers.

Can you join WikiAnswers without a Facebook account?

No. At this point in time the only way to join WikiAnswers is by using a Facebook account.

Why is vineyard country on Facebook not working?

Facebook do not inform WikiAnswers when they have problems. Contact Facebook.

How do you unsubscribe from this website?

From facebook or WikiAnswers??

Can you use avatars on WikiAnswers?

Yes, if you are connected to Facebook your Facebook profile picture appears where the orange man currently is on your WikiAnswers profile. Currently there is no other way to create an avatar on WikiAnswers other than connecting your account to Facebook.

How do you change your profile avatar on WikiAnswers?

Every user is given the option to link their Wikianswers account to their facebook account. In doing so, your default picture from facebook will appear as your avatar for Wikianswers!

How do you link a facebook and wikianswers account?

You can link a Facebook and WikiAnswers account by going to the settings of your Wiki account and changing your social media settings.

Do you need a Facebook account to get answers?

No, you can use WikiAnswers without a Facebook account.

What WikiAnswers categories have the most Facebook likes?

You know, people like me that doesn't know what facebook is wouldn't answer you, but I will. Answer - what is facebook?

How do you get a WikiAnswers membership?

Just join using your Facebook account. If you are not on Facebook, then first join it.

How do you become a friend with someone on WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers is designed for asking and answering questions, not for social networking/making friends. You can chat with other contributors on their message boards and see if they have a Facebook account attached to their WikiAnswers Profile. If both of you have a Facebook account, then you can ask to be their Facebook friend.

How do you login to Answers without Facebook?

There is no way to sign up for WikiAnswers without using Facebook. All users who wish to make a WikiAnswers account must sign up using a Facebook account.

Will WikiAnswers ever be like Facebook?

no. because facebook is a social website where you chat with friends where as wikianswers in a ask questions and they will be answerd website hope i helped rate me :)

Differences between republicans and federalists?

The Federalists wanted a strong federal government JamesMarshall facebook mehh

What is the difference between Facebook and Instagram?

There are many differences. One is that Instagram is primarily for pictures, while Facebook is more versatile, allowing more interaction and variability in posts.

Can you have friends on WikiAnswers?

Friends on WikiAnswersYes, you can have friends on WikiAnswers. All you have to do is send a message to someone, asking them to be your friend.Of course, you can have friends on WikiAnswers, but there is no Friends List like on Facebook or MySpace.

Is WikiAnswers the world's worst web browser?

No it is not. WikiAnswers is a website, not a browser. If you would like to compare web browsers, please review the differences between Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari at your leisure.

How do you create an account for Answers.com without having a Facebook and when you can't create one?

Unfortunately, members that are registered on WikiAnswers (the newer ones) now must use Facebook to register, and log-into WikiAnswers.

Can you have buddies in WikiAnswers?

Incase you haven't noticed, this is not Bebo, Facebook or Friendster.

Should kids that are 11 have facebook?

I think so because by the time kids are 11 they know the differences between wrong and right

How do you make a wikianswers profile without linking your facebook?

You can't, you need to link your Facebook account, there's no option to do otherwise.

Is Avan Jogia on facebook?

WikiAnswers will not provide private contact information for celebrities and individuals alike. But he has a Facebook fan page.

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