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a rule has a different name then a ruler

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Q: What are the differences between an steel rule and a normal ruler?
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Why is a steel ruler made out of steel?

Because steel ruler is durable and flexible

What is the difference between density of stainless steel and normal steel?

nothing because it is steel is steel

What are the differences between aluminum and steel?

Steel is a ferrous metal, aluminum is a non-ferrous metal

What is the difference between steel and cast steel?

Cast steel is rusty. Normal steel can turn rusty :) xxx

What is the function of steel rule?

A Steel Rule is used to measure a work piece and is usually used as a normal ruler.

What instrument is used to measure the thickness of a steel ruler?

A micrometer is used to measure the thickness of a steel ruler.

What are the differences between chrome and stainless steel water faucets?

Chrome is more durable and cheaper than stainless steel.

What is the meaning of steel rule?

A ruler made of stainless steel.

Is steel a better conductor of electricity than aluminum?

no, steel is not better conductor than aluminum due to structural differences between them.

What instrument needed to measure the thickness of a steel ruler?

Another ruler

What are the differences between black seamless pipe and black carbon steel seamless pipe?

carbon .

What are the similarities and differences between the properties of iron and steel?

they both rust and are good conducter of electricity

What is the differences between ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals?

Ferrous metals are based on the element iron. (steel, stainless steel, etc.)

What are the differences between Stainless Steel pipe and Black Steel pipe?

Stainless steel and carbon steel pipe differ only in their physical properties like elasticity, toughness, and corrosion resistance.

What is the difference between stainless steel and normal steel?

stainless steel has chromium added to the steel, which forms a protective oxide layer at the surface, preventing corrosion (rust).

How do you spell ruler?

That is the correct spelling of "ruler" (a wooden or steel rule, or a monarch.)

Differences between mild and tor steel bar?

Mild steel is plain bars of yield strength=250MPa & tor steel is twisted bars of yield strength =415MPa.

What do you use a steel ruler for?

you use it in technology and car care you use the steel ruler for straight lines for wood and plastic and other things.

Why is a ruler or steel tape more accurate to use than a meter stick?

a ruler or steel tape is more accurate becoz meter scale works less than ruler

What is the cost difference between normal carbon steel and killed carbon steel?

Not much, avaliability is the same also. Our default has changed to killed carbon steel.

What are differences between steel 52 and steel 37?

the difference is the max load which the material will withstand until failure 52 stands more than 37

What is the price of a good ruler?

£3.50 for a steel one

Advantages of steel ruler?

theres a ridge for your fingers

Difference between cast steel and stainless steel?

Stainless means that it will not rust under normal conditions, cast means that it is poured into a mold.

What is a steel rule?

a steel ruler is used as an everyday ruler, just that it is steel for uses in dangerous uses like in wood work or metal work. hope my really bad info helped. :L

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