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What are the differences between communism and republicanism?


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A republic is different from democracy..... yes everyone can vote......but vote whom????

In a republic, the head of state is elected. France is a republic country.... China follows communism..... just find about China's form of government......


A republic is normally a system of government containing a Legislature to pass laws, an Executive to govern and make policy and a Judiciary to enforce laws and balance out the others. Key to this is that both the Executive and Legislature are elected and they appoint the Judiciary in some way but once appointed they don't actually have to listen to anyone. The exact form varies depending on the country.

Example: India has a weakish President, Parliament with a powerful Prime Minister and Courts -where as US has very weak "Prime Ministers" in the form of the Majority Leader but powerful Presidents and more politically involved Judges.

Communism is an Ideology about sharing the wealth and power in a nation. Everyone working together for the common good. In the real world various states have been governed by Communist parties at some point. USSR and China being the most obvious. An Ideal Communist state would have increasingly powerful councils governing them.

So... My mates and I are part of a farming collective. We send representatives to a local farming council which sends people to a regional council with sends people to a national council - committees are formed to do things and votes taken on policies and so on - everybody gets a say and everybody works together. This pretty much never happens in reality.

Example: The USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics...) and China are/were both technically Republics - they have the basic structure outlined above. But since the Party represents everyone there is no need for any other parties right? This means they are one party states - you can vote for the Party or err the Party. The result is they become much more like dictatorships as power within the Party leads to national power and as the leaders become more powerful they listen less and less to the people especially those not in the party.

Hope this helps! :)


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