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A republic is different from democracy..... yes everyone can vote......but vote whom????

In a republic, the head of state is elected. France is a republic country.... China follows communism..... just find about China's form of government......


A republic is normally a system of government containing a Legislature to pass laws, an Executive to govern and make policy and a Judiciary to enforce laws and balance out the others. Key to this is that both the Executive and Legislature are elected and they appoint the Judiciary in some way but once appointed they don't actually have to listen to anyone. The exact form varies depending on the country.

Example: India has a weakish President, Parliament with a powerful Prime Minister and Courts -where as US has very weak "Prime Ministers" in the form of the Majority Leader but powerful Presidents and more politically involved Judges.

Communism is an Ideology about sharing the wealth and power in a nation. Everyone working together for the common good. In the real world various states have been governed by Communist parties at some point. USSR and China being the most obvious. An Ideal Communist state would have increasingly powerful councils governing them.

So... My mates and I are part of a farming collective. We send representatives to a local farming council which sends people to a regional council with sends people to a national council - committees are formed to do things and votes taken on policies and so on - everybody gets a say and everybody works together. This pretty much never happens in reality.

Example: The USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics...) and China are/were both technically Republics - they have the basic structure outlined above. But since the Party represents everyone there is no need for any other parties right? This means they are one party states - you can vote for the Party or err the Party. The result is they become much more like dictatorships as power within the Party leads to national power and as the leaders become more powerful they listen less and less to the people especially those not in the party.

Hope this helps! :)

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Q: What are the differences between communism and republicanism?
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Communism is a form of economic organisation and democracy is a regime type. The two are not comparable; you could have a country that is both communist and democratic.

What accounts for the economic differences between Western Europe and Eastern Europe?

Decades of communism in east while there was capitalism in west

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There are many differences. My example is that Soviet communism *cares* China really doesn’t.

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one side wanted communism while the other didnt

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The point of Marxist Communism is to "spread the revolution". One of the most striking differences between Communism and Socialism is that Socialism calls for reform, but Communism calls for revolution.

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Monarchy, oligarchy, democracy, republicanism, anarchy, oligarchy, constitutional monarchy, totalitarianism, fascism, communism, and the list goes on.

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Some differences between Russia and western Europe are that Russia is more Orthodox Christian and western Europe is more into Catholic religion. Russia has communism, but western Europe has democratic government. Other differences are that Russia has a strong military and loads of military weapons, but western Europe has none or less.

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The differences between the major types of national government in the world today is in the way they administrate the governments. Some of the main forms of governments include democratic, authoritarian, communism and so many more.

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Socialism is a less restrictive form of Communism. While socialism is communist based, it can fall under various forms of fascism. In fact, Hitler's original party was based on National Socialism.

What are the differences between Communism and National Socialism?

The main difference is that Communism is far left-wing and National Socialism is far right-wing. Communism is about ultimately giving power to the people and dismantling the state, whereas National Socialism is, first and foremost, about the right of the state, which then rewards the good citizens.Socialism, on the other hand, had more in common with National Socialism, at least at one time. The term 'National Socialism' was coined by Maurice Barres, who tried to marry the anti-semitism of the right and the Socialism, Nationalism and Republicanism of the left. The German Nazi Party, or the NSDAP, originally prescribed to these ideas, but they were quickly dropped in the 20's.

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Political differences Soviet Union was communist and wanted to spread communism around the world USA was anti communist and prevent communism spreading and install democracy

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Ok i as a Russian know this... Communism is when everyone is equal and that fails epicly and the other thing is when you have to levels rich and poor...theres no in between, mostly the people are poor... Ok i as a Russian know this... Communism is when everyone is equal and that fails epicly and the other thing is when you have to levels rich and poor...theres no in between, mostly the people are poor...

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Both events in history involved the killing of innocent people who were believed to be part of either witchcraft or communism

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Hitler was a Fascist that despised Communism. Stalin did not seek extremely ambitious territorial gains, only returns of land lost in the past.

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both went to war because us wanted to stop spread of communism and difference is by different presidents had different ways of providing the war

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In its best form, civic republicanism requires civic education for its proper execution in modern political life. Harkening to the ancient Greek city-states, civic republicanism calls for political participation by all, and consequently, requires some form of civic education to best effectuate its primary purpose. In short, there is no effective civic republicanism without civic education.

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There is no connection between witchcraft and communism. Witchcraft is a spiritual path. Communism is a political structure attaining to a classless, socialist structure with no religion.

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Republicanism is a paradox because the belief is for individual liberties and freedoms. However, the rules and standards of republicanism is often inflexible.

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John believed that the ideal country would be one that had a balanced amount of republicanism and liberalism. The word republicanism is a noun.