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What are the differences between cow eyes and human eyes?


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One difference between cow eyes and human eyes is that cows eyes are much larger than humans eyes

Cow eyes are also darker than human eyes.

Human eyes are much smaller than cow eyes and a human eye are lither than a cow eye.

If you cut open an cows eye you will see that the eye is not circle shaped. Instead, the eye is oval. Human eyes are circular.

A similarity between cow eyes and the human eyes is that both have an optic nerve which connects to the brain and that's how we see.

Another difference is that the Human Eye Has 6 Muscles that allow movement of the eyes. Cow eyes only have 4 which requires them to Physically Move their Heads in order to see up and down and left to right.

And unlike Humans , Cows Only have 1 Set color Of Iris which is Black , Where humans Have a Verity of Different colors depending on there Genetic Genes.

the cow is also nocturnal, unlike humans

since the cow is nocturnal, it has a reflective tissue behind the retina called the tapetum