What are the differences between japan and America?

Japan and America are both great countries. But, there is a difference between Japan and America, of course.

1. The food is different!

Japanese food are healthier than American food and Japanese food are very famous around the world(American food, too!). American food are fast foods and it's very... oily(?) or juicy(?). Well, its tasty. In Japanese food, SUSHI is famous!(Well, I love it, too!) In American food, I think hamburgers are famous.

2. Architecture skills are different!

I heard that Japan's architecture skills are most greatest in the world. (Saying, most greatest in the world sounds like exaggerate...) America's architecture skills are good but, I think Japan has more(?) skills. (Sorry, AMERICA!)

3. Inside stores are different!

Japan's store is always clean. There are no garbage (There is sometimes but...). America's store has garbage sometimes, too but there are more garbage than Japan(I think...).

Well, I only know these 3 differences so...See Ya!