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They are not both "analytical", but "substantive" and "analytical". Substantive procedures are reviews of documents for a "substantial portion" of account activity, while analytical procedures includ controls test and test relying on mathematical relationships reflectinb accounting mecvhanics, contractual provisions [debt times interest rate], or business capabilities [production per machine hour or day].

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Q: What are the differences between substantive procedures and substantive analytical procedures?
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What are the differences between numerical solution method and analytical solution?

Analytical solution is exact, while a numeric solution is almost always approximate

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What are the differences between substantive test and test of controls?

In the auditing phase, the auditor first carries "test of controls" to verify if the organisation's financial statements are worth relying upon. If the auditor is not satisfied with this, he then carries "substantive test" which is a comprehensive analysis. For example, to test the accuracy of figure of "Sales" in income statement, the auditor will look at your Sales system, i.e. the internal controls. If they work fine, the auditor will be satisfied that this Sales figure cannot be wrong. But if the Sales system is not properly structured, for example, credit checks not performed, sales made without customer on the database, sales still made to bad debts, etc., these all are weaknesses in internal controls, so the auditor will now carry a substantive test in which he assess whether the given figure is accurate or not. For example, by using ratios, analytical procedures, inquiries, confirmation letters from receivables etc.

What are the differences between electronic balance and analytical balance?

An electronic balance is used for general weighing applications and has a lower precision compared to an analytical balance, which is designed for highly precise measurements. Analytical balances have a higher readability and sensitivity compared to electronic balances, making them suitable for laboratory work that requires exact measurements. Additionally, analytical balances often have built-in calibration features to ensure accuracy.

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Procedural democratic theory focuses on the process and procedures of democratic decision-making, emphasizing fair and inclusive processes for reaching decisions. On the other hand, substantive democratic theory emphasizes the outcomes and results of decision-making, focusing on achieving social justice, equality, and other substantive goals within a democratic system.

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regulations agreed between the parties to collective bargaining, defining the bargaining units, bargaining scope, procedures for collective bargaining, and the facilities to be provided to trade union representatives -tim olawale

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What is the difference between compliance testing and substantive testing?

In compliance testing you gather evidence with the objective of testing an organization's compliance with control procedures, eg. when you run a report to verify that certain controls had been applied over a database table. In substantive testing, you gather evidence to evaluate the integrity of data, a transaction or other information. eg. you run a report to verify if the amount paid to vendors is accurate.

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