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What are the differences between the model 94 variations and how do they affect the value?


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The features that collectors desire increase the value of any firearm. One of the major differences is the age of the gun. Those manufactured before 1899 are legally antiques and can be traded inter-state with few restrictions. In 1964 Winchester stopped hand-fitting and finishing their guns so any made after that date are not considered collectable. Then there are variations in barrel length and shape. Octagonal barrels are more common than round but usually valued higher. Carbines are normally worth more than rifles, but rifles with extra long (special order) barrels will bring more and the Trapper Carbines with very short barrels (illegal to own unless a certifiable antique or registered with the BATF) are a lot higher still. Crescent buttplates are higher priced than shotgun-style butts. "Button" magazines higher than half-length which are higher than full-length. A carbine with a saddle ring is worth much more than an "Eastern" carbine without it. And there are about 1000 "commemorative" issues which carry a large price tag if they are absolutely untouched and accompanied by all the original papers and packaging but are just extra-fancy shooters without.


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