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separation of hydrocarbons means separation crude oil of unpuerties also separation hydrocarbon gases but in case separation of crude oil only oil

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What are the similarities between the separation of crude oil and hydrocarbons?

I dont know but all ive seen are the differnces between separation of the two. rastttaccllarrt famm

Why do you need separate the hydrocarbons in crude oil?

By separation hundreds of useful components are obtained from crude oil.

What is the difference between hydrocarbons and crude oil?

Crude oil is basicaly hydrocarbons with some impuritys in it

What does it involve fractional distillation of crude oil?

This is the separation of crude oil components based on the differences between boiling point temperatures.

What is the process called to separate the different hydrocarbons from crude oil?

This separation is made by distillation.

How you get hydrocarbons from petroleum or crude oil?

Petroleum or Crude oil is hydrocarbons. Petroleum processing is distillation-separation different fraction of hydrocarbons from each other. Petrochemical would further extract fine hydrocarbon from hydrocarbons and react them to the desire hydrocarbon chemical.

What types of hydrocarbons are in crude oil?

All types of hydrocarbons exist in crude oil.

Is crude oil a mixture of several elements?

Crude oil is a mixture of compounds, mainly hydrocarbons and derivatives of hydrocarbons.

Where do you get hydrocarbons from?

Hydrocarbons are found in crude oil whick is black and thick. to find out how crude oil was formed look on the formation of oil

How do you know the difference between crude oil and hydrocarbon?

Hydrocarbons include oil and natural gas.

What does crude oil contain?

Crude oil contains a mixture of hydrocarbons molecules

Hydrocarbons are the primary constituents of?

Crude oil

What the def of crude oil?

a mixture of hydrocarbons

Is crude oil a mixture of different compounds?

crude oil is mixture of different hydrocarbons

Why are hydrocarbons important to petroleum industry?

The majority of hydrocarbons found naturally occur in crude oil. Petroleum is a liquid form of hydrocarbons.

Is crude oil an element mixture or compound?

Crude oil is a mixture of hydrocarbons (mixture of compounds).

What type of substances makes up crude oil?

A mixture of hydrocarbons make up crude oil

How can you separate the different hydrocarbons in crude oil?

With a fractionating column

What hydrocarbons is crude oil a mixture of?


How is the oil separated from crude oil?

Crude oil is separated in a separation column. Separation columns are used to heat the crude then the different hydrocarbons separate as the lighter ones float up and the denser ones fall to the bottom. LPG gas floats to the top, bitumen and paraffin wax sink to the bottom with diesel, kerosene, petrol and others in the middle. The height range which contains each different product is calculated based on the percentage of each product in the crude. This allows the plant to choose where to place the pipes to takes each individual product out of the separation for further refinement. For a more detailed explanation search for separation tower

Are products made from petroleum called hydrocarbons?

Products made form petroleum are called hydrocarbons. Petroleum and natural gas are where most hydrocarbons come from. Hydrocarbons are entirely made from crude oils.

Is hydrocarbons involved in green house effect?

no. hydrocarbons make up crude oil and in combustion they are burnt to make CO2

What process is used to separate the hydrocarbons in crude oil?

Fractional Distillation

What process separates hydrocarbons in crude oil?

Fractional distillation is used.

What is nafta crude oil?

Nafta crude oil refers to the distillation product from coal tar and petroleum that contain certain hydrocarbons. The name nafta usually refers to a number of the flammable liquid mixtures of the hydrocarbons.