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What are the differences between the verbs 'to lose' and 'to miss'?

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"to lose" is like when you wake up in the morning and you can't

find your keys... you have lost them, and so you walk around the

house trying to find them so that you aren't late...

"to miss" is like when you broke up with your significant other

and you are kind of sad about it still... you miss that person, and

feel that something is missing in your life. It can also be like

when you are aiming at a target and you ... miss. :) You don't hit

it. :)

I can see the similarity in some ways... if you lose something,

then you sometimes will miss it... but not always. :)

You can only lose things you can have. Lose the keys, lose

weight, lose your temper, lose objects in general, lose money.

You can miss people because they are away and you wish they were

near, and you can miss experiences, such as in failing to attend an

event or do something. Miss a play, miss a flight, miss the bus,

miss the time.

Some may be ambiguous such as miss school. "I missed school

today" could mean I didn't go to school or that because I didn't go

I wish I had been there.

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