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It works basicly the same way in both versions, but the commands are in different locations. The command is on the Formulas ribbon in Excel 2007 and the Tools - Formula Auditing menu in Excel 97-2003.

See related links for an animated tutor of how to use trace precedents.


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With the cell(s) selected, pressing Ctrl and the [ key will trace the direct precedents. Press shift too and you will get the precedents of those precedents of all precedents for the selected cell(s).

You use the auditing tools, which include the trace precedents and trace dependents commands.

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You can use the Formula Auditng which includes the Evaluate facility and Trace Precedents, which would be useful.

Precedents are the cells that a formula uses. Say you have the following formula in a cell: =A2+C12-D10 Then the cells A2, C12 and D10 are the precedents of the formula. The formula is using values that are in them. You use Trace Precedents to find those cells and highlight them on the Spreadsheet. If you are having a problem with formulas you can highlight the cells to be able to see which ones are being used. One way of doing it is to select the cell and then press the CTRL key and also the [ key. You can also use the Auditing toolbar to do it.

Trace Error shows you the cells that are referenced by a formula that has an error. With a cell with an error highlighted, clicking on the Trace Error button will show arrows indicating links between cells which can help you trace the error. You can then check what cells are referenced and see can you find which one may be causing your error.

You can use Formula Auditing, specifically the Trace Precedents facility.

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You use a facility called formula auditing. You can then use Trace Precedents to see what cells are referenced by a formula. You use Trace Dependents to see which cells use the active cell. You can also press Ctrl and the [ key to trace precendents and Ctrl and the ] key to trace dependents.

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It will show you the cells that are referenced by a formula that has an error. This can be done by using arrows on the worksheet. With a cell with an error highlighted, clicking on the Trace Error button will show these arrows. You can then check what cells are referenced and see can you find which one may be causing your error.

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You go to Formula Auditing and use Trace Dependents. You can also select the cell and press the Ctrl and ] keys.

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