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sound is generated in brass instruments by 'buzzing' into a mouthpiece, whilst woodwind instruments have reeds which vibrate so you don't have to vibrate your lips

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What are the differences between brass and woodwind instruments?

Brass instruments tend to be made out of brass or other metals/alloys. Woodwind instruments have reeds, which makes a different sound to the brass instrument (in simple terms you have to blow raspberries into to make a sound- it is a little more complecated than that, but its hard to explain).

What is the difference between brass and woodwind?

brass instruments have mouthpieces that you buzz into while woodwind instruments have mouth pieces that you blow into to make sound.

What are the similarities and differences between wind and brass instruments?

Brass and woodwind instruments have many similarities. Both are played by blowing air into the horn. Brass instruments are played with mouthpieces that require buzzing of the lips to make sound. On woodwind instruments, reeds are placed in the mouthpiece and only air is needed to make sound.

What instruments do you blow?

Woodwind and brass instruments

Are the flute the oboe and the clarinet all brass instruments?

They are not brass instruments. They are woodwind instruments.

Do brass instruments all have reeds?

Brass instruments do not have reeds, some woodwind instruments do.

Differentiate woodwind instrumentsand brass wind instrument?

Woodwind instruments use reeded mouthpieces to produce sound (except the flute which is also woodwind). Brass instruments on the other hand do not.

Is brass instrument is lower pitch then woodwind instrument?

Yes, brass instruments produce a lower pitch than woodwind instruments. Woodwind instruments use a reed to vibrate the air to produce sound, whereas brass instruments produce sound from the player's lips vibrating in a mouthpiece.

What are the two differences between brass and woodwind instruments?

One difference is that woodwind instruments use a wooden reed to form the mouthpiece. The reed sits at the back of the mouthpiece (on the bottom lip) and vibrates against the rest of the mouthpiece to help create the sound. Brass and woodwind instruments are both played by blowing into them (or over them in the case of the flute). Brass instruments do not have any moving parts that vibrate to create a sound. They merely amplify the sound created by the players lips vibrating. Woodwind instruments have a reed that vibrates except for the flute which splits a column of air to make vibrations. Brass instruments change their pitch by changing the length of tubing which the air passes through. Woodwind instruments change their pitch by changing the where the air escapes from the instrument.

A which woodwind instrument is actually made of brass?

Saxophones are (mostly) brass, but they're still considered "woodwind" instruments.

Which instrument is not part of the brass family?

All the instruments that are percussion instruments, string instruments, and woodwind instruments are not part of the brass family.

Is an oboe a wind or brass instrument?

The oboe is a woodwind instrument. Both brass and woodwind instruments are wind instruments. So the answer to your question is yes a oboe is a wind instrument and no it is not a brass instrument.

What do woodwind and brass have in common?

Both are wind instrument categories - all woodwind and brass instruments are played by blowing air into them.

What is the diffent between a military band and a brass band?

Military or wind bands have woodwind instruments (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and saxophones) whilst the brass has only brass instruments. Hence the name brass band.

How are brass instruments played compared to woodwind?

For woodwind intstruments, there is a wooden reed that vibrates to produce sound. For brass instruments, the player physically vibrates his/her lips which produces sound.

What was the purpose of the alto saxophone?

It was made to provide a link between woodwind and brass instruments in military bands.

What are the types of musical instruments?

Brass, Percussion, Strings, and Woodwind.

What are the different instruments families?

* strings * woodwind * brass * percussion

What are the four families for instruments?

Brass, woodwind, strings and percussion.

Why are woodwind instruments called that way?

They are called woodwinds because of the reeds the reeds are made out of wood so therefore they are called woodwind instruments and brass instruments don't use use reeds so they are not woodwind instruments

Name the five types of musical-instruments.?

stringed instruments, woodwind instruments, brass instruments, percussion instruments, and keyboard instruments

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