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Q: What are the differences in Christian denominations and if they all believe in Jesus Christ why are they so different?
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Why do different Christian denominations believe different things about communion?

Some demoninations believe that the bread and wine of Jesus actually were from the body and blood of Jesus. Other demoninations believe that it is just a representation of blood and body, and it was just bread and wine. There are other differences I can't name off-hand.

Do Australia Christians believe in the trinity?

Different Christian denominations have different beliefs in the nature of Jesus. As there are a number of these different Christian churches active in Australia, there is no consensus among Aussie worshipers.

Which Christian denominations believe that euthanasia is wrong?

All of them

What are the major differences in Christian denominations and Mormanism?

Mormons believe the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are 3 separate individuals and do not believe in the Trinity. They also believe the Book of Mormon contains additional scriptures not written in the Bible.

How many different types of christian are there?

There are many different religions who believe that they are "Christian." For example, I met a Catholic who said that she was a "Christian." In some ways, they are right. If you follow Christ, then you are, in essence, a "Christian." There are many denominations. Some have a pastor, some do not.

Why do some Christian denominations not allow dancing?

Some believe that it is not modest.

What do all christian denominations have in common?

Almost nothing if you examine the beliefs carefully. Unless you take the fact that most feel that they along have all the answers correct, the differences include:They interpret and believe in different aspects of the Biblical teaching to their own sects preferencesThet have different criteria for entry into heaven or condemnation to HellEven the belief in the Christian Jesus is not a universal concept. Some Christian groups believe in a singular godhead, others in a Trinity.

Does Pentecostal religion believe in salvation?

Since the pentecostal denominations are part of the Christian Church, they do believe in salvation.

What are the Christian denominations that don't believe in Jesus Divinity?

Unitarians, Jehovah Witnesses, and Mormons don't believe in the Trinity.

What is the Christianity belief afthe death?

Different Christian denominations have different beliefs in this respect. But in general, the do believe in some kind of afterlife, either in heaven or hell right when you die, or returning back to life right here on Earth, on Resurrection day, which seems to be related with the Second Coming of Jesus. Probably if you look around (with different Christian denominations), you will find yet other variations.

What christian churches only baptize adults?

Some Christian denominations believe in baptizing the children of believers shortly after birth.Some of the larger denominations that practice believers’ or adult baptism include Baptists, Pentecostals and Churches of Christ.

Who was the founder oF christian religion?

The founder of the Christian religion is Jesus Christ because it is based on his teachings. There are over 2 billion Christians from different denominations all over the world. Christians believe the Jesus was the son of God and the Messiah.

Which Christian denominations do not believe that Jesus is God or son of God?

Most Christian denominations are trinitarian, meaning they believe in a Holy Trinity of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Though the exact nature of the Trinity may differ denomination to denomination, in essence, trinitarians believe that Jesus is both God and the son of God, because all members of the Trinity are one being.Some denominations, though few, are non-trinitarian, meaning they don't believe in the common view of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit being three elements of one Holy Trinity. Some Pentecostal branches and a small handful of newer Christian movements are non-trinitarian, including Jehovah's Witnesses. Most of these denominations believe that Jesus is son of God but not God. Incidentally, most other Christian denominations do not accept these types of denominations as "Christian" at all because the Bible is fairly clear about the nature of Jesus.

The differences between greek philosophy and the christian faith?

Greek philosophy is not necessarily Christian. To be a Christian, you believe that Jesus is the savior of humanity.

Do Christians have mass?

Catholics have mass. Catholocism is a Christian denomination. I don't believe any of the protestant denominations have mass.

How are Muslims and christian different?

There are many differences, but perhaps most significant is that Christians believe Jesus was the son of Yahweh, whereas Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet like Moses or Isaiah.

How can you be judged?

Different religions, and different denominations within religions, will each have different ways that they believe you will be judged, and different perspectives on judgment.

Which Christian denomination is a spirit-oriented movement?

Pentecostal Christians are very spirit-oriented although many Christian denominations call on the Holy Spirit and believe that it dwells in each believer. Pentecostalism is not a denomination though. Rather it is a movement with in many denominations.

What is the difference between a Christian and a Methodist church?

There is not really a difference. I go to a Methodist church. We all are Christians: Baptist, Methodist, Christian, just all different names mostly. We all are Christian and believe in God with some small differences.

Do angels protect humans?

Many christian denominations believe that every human (or at least every christian human) has been assigned a guardian angel to protect them.

What is a religion similar to Jehovah's witness?

Jehovah's Witnesses are Christian and so share some similarities to other christian denominations such as Catholics and Prostestants in that they all use the bible as their doctrinal point of reference and believe Jesus was the son of God. However Jehovah's Witnesses have many notable differences such as they reject the trinity as unscriptural and separate their worship from practices that they believe have pagan origins such as Christmas and birthdays.

How many believe in god and jesus?

Millions of people believe in God and Jesus Christ. One can see this clearly through the many Christian denominations all around the world.

What is the difference between a Lutheran and other Christian denominations?

A lutheran an Catholicf And Reformed believe different aspects about communion. Lutheran View: Bread and Wine is/with/under body and blood of Jesus Christ Catholic: Believe its resacrific Reformed: belive it is a symbol of Christ's death

What do presbyterian catholic Christianity Mormons johova witness have in common?

Presbyterians, Catholics, Mormons, and Jehovah's Witnesses are all Christian denominations. They all believe in Jesus Christ and in the Bible, although their definitions of exactly who Jesus was are different, and the Bible versions that they use are different.

Do Christians believe that the world was created as it states in the bible?

Some Christian denominations believe and teach that the world was created according to biblical accounts, and other denominations do not. Denominations that do believe this are generally called fundamentalist denominations. The word fundamentalist does not refer to Christianity alone. Any religious group that holds to the belief that their holy writings are completely authoritative in every way, and beyond any secular criticism would be called a fundamentalist religion.