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What are the differences of Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestantism?

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2010-07-31 12:09:01

The East-West Schism in the early Christian Church took place in

the 11th century. The reformation in the early 15th. Although

separate, the Roman Church recognizes the Sacramental System (seven

sacraments) of the Orthodox Faith. Priests are usually married in

Orthodoxy but woman may not be "priests". Both admit to a "Real"

presence in a "substantial" change in the Eucharistic elements of

Bread and Wine. (emphasis placed on "Eat" "Drink" THIS is my body,

THIS is my blood). Baptism uses a 'trinitarian' formula

"High" Protestants recognize only the "sacraments" of Holy

Communion and Baptism (Luther considering 'confession' a

semi-sacrament). With varying degrees of "presence" Holy Communion.

(emphasis placed on "do this in remembrance of me"). The lack of a

"sacrifical" emphasis in the Eucharist illiminates the need of a

"Priest" to offer Sacrifice.

Rev. Robert Sweeney

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