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What are the different IV solutions?

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What are the solutions of IV fluids?

the solutions used in iv are the hypotonic , hypertonic, isotonic solutions .. :)

What are four functional categories of iv solutions?

List and explain the four categories of IV solutions

What are the type of IV solutions commonly used?

IV Solutions come in various mixtures. The most common are Dextrose, Dextrose & Sodium Chloride, Sterile Water, and Potassium Chloride. With all IV solutions, they are made up of at least 99% sterile water.

What are three types of solutions?

There are many different types of solutions. Some examples of different solutions are isotonic solutions, hypertonic solutions and hypotonic solutions.

What iv solutions can a lvn hang?

An IV, or intravenous therapy, is an infusion of liquid directly into the blood stream. Any liquid medication can be given by IV.

What 2 electrolytes are commonly used in IV solutions?

Sodium and Chloride

What IV solutions are not compatible with blood products?

no IV drugs are compatible with blood products. Only 0.9NS is compatible with and can be hung with blood.

Can NPH insulin be given IV?

NPH is a suspension. Only solutions should be given intravenously.

Why does the shape of a red blood cell change in different solutions?

It changes to solve different solutions like antibodies.

What precautions must be observed in IV therapy?

Patients receiving IV therapy need to be monitored to ensure that the IV solutions are providing the correct amounts of fluids and minerals needed. People with kidney and heart disease are at increased risk

How are mixtures and solutions different?

mixtures can be separated in many ways. solutions cannot.

How are solutions and heterogeneous mixtures alike and different?

solutions have more gasses then homogeneous

How are solutions and suspensions different?

Solutions are homogeneous mixtures; suspensions are heterogeneous mixtures;

What is one way that solutions are different from other mixtures?

One way that solutions are different from other mixtures is that solutions' substances are much harder to separate compared to mixtures. -Professor Sammy

How are solutions and mixtures different?


What Two different solutions have the same concentration of solutes?

You think probable to isotonic solutions.

What preparation is required for nutrition through an intravenous line?

A doctor orders the IV solution and any additional nutrients or drugs to be added to it. The doctor also specifies the rate at which the IV will be infused. The IV solutions are prepared under the supervision of a doctor, pharmacist, or nurse,.

How are pure substances and solutions different?

the name is much different then the other

How are solutions used?

solutions are used in various different ways. They all are useful in our daily lives!!:)

What is one way that solutions are different from other mixture?

Solutions are harder to separate than mixtures

How do you prepare solutions of different concentrations?

its not a questions....

Which leadership tenet focuses on applying different solutions for different contexts and the ability to perceive?

The leadership tenet of being culturally and self-aware focuses on applying different solutions for different contexts and the ability to perceive.

What are the 3 types of solution?

According to the degree of solubility, the three types of solution are: isotonic solutions, hypertonic solutions, and hypotonic solutions. These three solutions have different effects on the osmosis of cells.

What are the three different possible solutions of a linear system?

If the lines cross then there is one solution. If they are on top of each other then there are infinite solutions. If they are parallel then there are no solutions.

What does infinite number of solutions mean?

It means that however many different solutions (answers) you have, there will always be more solutions that can be proven, and you can never find them all.

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