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There are 3 main divisions within Christianity. They are Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox.

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Q: What are the different church denominations?
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What is the difference between sects and religious denominations?

Religious denominations are different groups within a religion, e.g. the Presbyterian Church is a denomination of the Protestant Church. Sects are subdivisions of denominations which are not sufficiently significant to be considered as new denominations.

How many denominations of churches are there in one church?

There are no denominations within one church. There are many denominations within Christianity, but each is a church in its own right.

How do different denominations celebrate Easter?

We have a morning church service, and Easter eggs for kids, .

What is the meaning of the word denominations?

The word denominations means separate named or valued forms. For example:1) currency (Paper money is printed in various denominations.)2) churches (The Baptist church has many different denominations.)

What is a Pentecostal church?

A Pentecostal church is the body of Christ who believes what happened in the book of Acts in the upper room, when the Holy Spirit fell on the disciples in Acts chapter 2. There are many different denominations that are Pentecostal, and the Church of God of Prophecy, and Church of God are among the biggest denominations.

How did different denominations of the christian church start?

People disagree on the details of how Christianity is properly practiced.

Does God warn the church?

If you are speaking of "His" church, Gods' church - all beings that truly listen to and follow him, then yes. If you refer to any specific religion or church from different denominations, then no.

Is Catholic a denomination or is it the name of a specific church rather than a denomination?

Catholicism is not a denomination. It is the name of the original Christian Church and is not divided into denominations. There are different rites within the Catholic Church - Maronites and other Eastern Rites for example - but they are all Catholics and not separate denominations. Denomination usually refers to Protestants who have some 36,000 denominations.

Who is the Pentecostal church leader?

There is no single Pentecostal church leader as there are many different Pentecostal denominations and sects, each with their own leadership organization.

Is Baptist from Catholicism?

All Christian denominations came from the Catholic Church, or came from those denominations that broke from the Catholic Church.

How long is church on Wednesday?

Some denominations might be different, but most hold their Wednesday meetings for an hour.

Which church in the United States has the most members?

In the United States of America, there are a number of different religious denominations, but the largest church is the Catholic Church, with over 68 million members.

How are Christian families officially registered in the church?

This depends on the church and denominations. Some churches do not require this, others do. Those that do, have different processes or procedures to follow.

Who makes the decisions in the pentecostal religion?

It varies some in different pentecostal denominations, but decisions are usually made by the church elders, the church board, and/or the pastor.

What denominations fall under the traditional Church?

Catholic AnswerYou will have to be more specific with your question. The Catholic Church is the only church which was founded by Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, and it has NO denominations.

Is the Catholic Church part of salvation Army?

No, two different denominations of Christianity. Catholicism being significantly larger.

What are the advantages of the different denominations?

Generally, there is no advantage to different demoninations, and in fact, because of the deterioration of unity and fellowship, the Church overall is weaker because of them. However, in these modern times, the one advantage to denominations is the fact that you can often gauge whether or not a particular church is promoting the truths of Scripture by its denominational affiliation.

When did the first denominations split from the original Church?

The first "denominations" left the Catholic Church in the sixteenth century with Martin Luther leading the apostasy.

Can a women be a leader in the Presbyterian Church?

There are multiple Presbyterian denominations in the US, including the Presbyterian Church (USA), the Presbyterian Church in America, and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. One of the reasons for the multiple Presbyterian denominations is the issue of female leadership, some Presbyterians denominations allow it, some don't.

Why baptism is different from other denominations?

because different denominations have different beliefs in god :P

What are the divisions in the Catholic Church?

There are no divisions within the Catholic Church as the Church is 'one.' There are different rites of Catholicism but all are one. Groups which have broken with the Catholic Church, eg: Church of England, Lutherans, are not considered as being a division of the Church but Protestant denominations.

Are all the denominations of Catholic Churches under the Pope?

There are no "denominations" of the Catholic Church. One is either a Catholic or not. A Catholic is under the authority of the pope as the pope is the head of the church. There are other sects of the religion which are closely aligned theologically, but they are not Catholic and they are connoted as "Orthodox", such as the Russian Orthodox or the Greek Orthodox. Catholic Answer As the above answer points out, there are no denominations in the Catholic Church. However, there are historically different "rites" which are also know as Churches, although they are all Catholic Churches. Most of these Rites, particularly in the East, split in the eleventh century, so there is a Greek Orthodox Church and a Greek Uniate Church. The Greek Uniate Church is a "rite" in the Catholic Church under the Pope. A protestant might think these were denominations, as they appear very different, but they are not, and are all under the Pope.

What are the effects of the church split in the Modern Church?

denominations; misunderstandings; hatreds; wars.

Is New Life Church a Catholic Church?

No, it is one of 36,000 Protestant denominations.

Why do we have different denominations in Christianity?

The Christian faith has many denominations because the church split in to groups of what they thought was right. For me, I am Non-Denomonational or I don't really have a denomination in general. But my faith is probably closest to Baptist.