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Q: What are the different classifications of simple machine?
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What is the difference between a simple machine and a complex machine?

A simple machine is what it says, it's a very simple machine, made up of only one simple machine, such as a screw or a lever. A complex machine is more than one simple machine working together, instead of working alone.Simple machines are:ScrewInclined PlaneLevers (three different classes)PulleysWheel and AxelWedgeExamples of compound machines:DrillScissorsA simple machine has 1 part, while the complex machine is made up of many different parts.SIMPLE MACHINE : I machine that is simple and small most of the time .COMPLEX MACHINE : a machine that's complex .a simple machine makes the amount of force and effort you use in work easier.a compound machine is a numerous amount of simple machines put together to make work easier.a simple machine is one of the basic machines: wedge, lever, inclined plane, pulley, or a screw. a complex machine is any two or more of these used in collaboration.Complex machines are simply a series of simple machines working to achieve a single goal.

What simple machine is in a cricket bat?

The simple machine that is represented by a cricket bat is called a lever. The lever is used to redirect energy in a different direction.

What are 2 classifications of books?

Two simple classifications of books are fiction and non-fiction.

What kind of simple machine is a basketball hoop?

its not a simple machine

Is an airplane a simple machine?

An airplane is not a simple machine. A lever is a simple machine. A wheel is a simple machine. Any machine that can be described by a mathematical formula is a simple machine.

What are the two major classifications for virtual machines?

Virtual machines are divided into two major classifications, based on their use and degree of correspondence to any real machine. They are either a system virtual machine or a process virtual machine.

How are simple machines and compound machines different?

A compound machine is made up of two or more simple machines.A simple machine is one machine that makes work easier, a compound machine is 2 or more simple machines together.A simple machines is an object with only one simple machine like a lever, pulley, and/or an inclined plane and those are just some of the simple machine. A compound machine is a combination of two or more simple machines like scissors, scissors is a compound machine because there's a wedge and and lever.A compound machine includes two ore more simple machines working together. A wheel barrow is a good example, It has a wheel and axle and the handles are levers.

What are the simple classifications of a hexagon?


What kind of simple machine is a oven?

It is not a simple machine, it is a compound machine because it is made of more than one simple machine.

Is a pulley a simple machine or a complex machine?

simple machine

What is a machine?

A machine is a tool for doing work with your hands. it is different from a simple machine. A simple machine, such as a lever, a pulley, or an inclined plane, that alters the magnitude or direction, or both, of an applied force; a simple machine. A machine is any device that transmits energy to perform or assist in the performance of human tasks. A machine is basically described as a device with moving parts that uses mechanical energy. Examples of simple machines are pulleys,a stapler,and a bicycle chain.

What are the different classifications of criminal cases?

i just wanted to know what are the different classifications of criminal cases?

Does a laptop is a simple machine?

The products inside the laptop is a simple machine. But the laptop is not a simple machine.

Is a spring a simple machine?

No, a simple machine (in general) means that you put energy into a simple machine at a certain force and over a certain distance and you get a different force (greater or lesser force) over a different distance. (if you gain force using a simple machine than you necessary lose speed and distance) A spring only (at best) gives you the exact same energy that you put into the spring and also gives you that energy with the exact same force that you put in. It seems like a simple machine only because it stores energy and you can slowly charge it but quickly discharge it, giving the illusion of gaining speed or force.

What does simple machine mean in science terms?

simple machine is a machine that is simple to use. :/

Is a wagon a simple machine?

A wagon is a simple machine. It is a lever.

How can you tell what kinnd of simple machine a car is?

A car isn't a simple machine. A car is a collection of different machined including levers, pulleys, wheel and axle, and so on. It actually consists of at least 4 different simple machines that I can think of off the top of my head, maybe it even has them all.

Simple machine examples?

what is the different kind of simple machine ?wedge, screw, inclined plane, pulley,wheel.

What simple machine is a bike?

it is not a simple machine it is a compound machine

Is a knife a compound machine or a simple machine?

simple machine

Is a motorcycle a simple machine?

no it is not a simple machine its a complex machine by Natalie cifuentes

What type of simple machine is an axe?

What kind of simple machine is an ax?

Force you put into a simple machine?

Force put into a simple machine is a?

Is a rubber band a simple machine?

no it is not a simple machine

What are the two major classifications of lipids?

simple and compound